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My New Blog: A Humbling Experience

My New Blog: A Humbling Experience

Last week a launched a new blog that chronicles my life with a new addition, a shiba inu puppy. I started the side project, My First Shiba, for three reasons (in priority order):

1) It will give me an archive of the wonderful and challenging experience. It’s a repository for words, images, audio and video that I know we’ll all appreciated in the future when the little guy is all grown up.

2) I personally find writing about my feelings extremely therapeutic. In fact, during trying times, blogging helps me maintain my equilibrium.

3) Since you never know where success will strike in the form of Internet fame and glory (and money!), I like to have as many hooks in the water as possible.

While I have enjoyed writing in this new venue, it has been a humbling experience. I’ve been fortunate to get many eyeballs on the blogs on write. While this doesn’t always translate into people leaving comments, the traffic is a motivating factor. In this instance, I am green again. A blogging newbie.

And I’m loving it.

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I’m starting to think I have been too caught up in producing strong content and have ignored some important traffic-building measures. The new blog is forcing me to reacquaint myself with building a blog from scratch. It’s been a few years since I’ve had to do that, and while the game is mostly the same, some rules have changed.

I’m hungry for knowledge. And now I have a fourth reason for starting this new blog: it keeps me up-to-date on the latest best practices.

Anyone else out there have a new blog they’ve recently launched?

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  • My blog is about a month old. Although I’ve blogged before with a tiny level of success, it’s truly like starting over again.

    Many of the rules have changed but I’d have to say they’ve changed for the better.

    The social networking aspect is great. I’m not just talking about Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon and others like them. Sites like MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog are excellent avenues for getting your blog exposed to people who might never have found you otherwise.

    Good look with your new puppy!!!

  • As I add another blog to my “portfolio” of resale industry sites… and a blog designed specifically to have a start and end date… I realize that planning one’s categories and tags IN ADVANCE is imperative. Of course, my blog, 100 Days & 100 Ways to have a Merry Recycled Holiday, taglined It’s the thought that counts, not the waste. has a specific agenda: to show people that a recycled Christmas (et al) is a joyous and eco-friendly way to celebrate. Its secondary agenda? To open up the public’s shopping and experiential options to include the gently-used, second-hand market where so many wondrous things and ideas abound.

    Opting, from the start, for 5 specific categories (only 3 are presented yet), helps me focus on my audience’s interests. And the fact that OOPS! I missed the 100-day-out start date by one day! gave me the freedom, in my first post, to show that “breaking a rule” is okay… which a lot of folks will be worried about when they think USED? GIFTS? DECORATIONS? As I wrote on Day One:
    Today is actually 99 days until December 25, but that’s the approach we should all take towards celebrating: relaxed, easy, and not necessarily following the “rules.” After all, no matter which holiday you and yours celebrate, it’s your holiday, and you can do it any way you want!

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