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Sunday Morning SEO: Open Mic – Share Your Top Link Building Tips

Sunday Morning SEO: Open Mic – Share Your Top Link Building Tips

I thought it would be interesting to find out the top link building tips of the Blog Herald audience. What things would you recommend for getting links?

Here are my top three tips. Feel free to leave a comment with your best tips.

1. Asking for a link

Some bloggers are afraid to ask for links directly. But if you have high quality content, this tip works surprisingly well. The key is to make sure your content is relevant.

I usually send an email and point bloggers to one of my best posts. I ask them to mention it on their blog if they like it.

2. Guest posting

I’ve written about guest posting before but it’s worth repeating because it’s such a powerful strategy.

The main reason I like guest posting is because the success rate is high. As long as you create a high quality post, most bloggers will gladly publish it on their site and include a link back to your blog.

3. Linking out

I’ve found that many bloggers will link to you without being asked if you link to them first. This tactic works especially well if you send them a lot of traffic.

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I once sent a blogger a lot of traffic. The next day he published a post welcoming my readers and linking back to my blog.

I don’t have a blogroll but I’m on a couple blogrolls in my niche. I was surprised to find these links because I never asked to be on these blogrolls. After some thought, I realized the blogs that had me on their blogroll were sites that I linked to in my posts.

Your Turn

What link building tactics have worked well for you?

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  • 1. Directory submission
    2. Social bookmarking
    3. Article submissions (e.g. Qassia)
    4. Commenting on blogs :)

  • I link out to lots of other blogs, but haven’t found that there’s always much of a return on that.

    We’ve had the most luck with posting on niche blogs & forums. The folks who frequent those sites are very, very supportive of each others’ efforts. For example, we’ve gotten quite a few links back to our Russian Adoption Journal due to all of our activity within the international adoption online community. Likewise, my wife’s Caliente page gets a lot of links as a result of her activity on VW New Beetle forums.

    Directory & blog aggregator submissions are really tough when your overall content is niche-less. Ours is a personal blog, so the focus spans a very wide gamut. This makes it tough to submit your blog for a specific topic.

    I use the “deep linking” strategy as often as possible. This references individual posts on your own blog (rather than the default home page URL) and is a nice way to direct visitors to an article or blog entry that’s specifically related to the topic on which you’re commenting. “Deep Linking” is also an excellent way to shine a little new light on an older post that never quite seemed to get its due share of exposure. Y’know sometimes the blog entries that you’re most proud of are the ones that can seem to go by unnoticed…

  • I’m a true believer that behind any quality back link stands a good relation with the webmaster.

    So, in my opinion, the best link building strategy is to initiate relations within your niche. And these relationships should translate in reciprocal links for mutual benefit.

    I know, reciprocal links don’t carry as much weight as ‘one way’ do but still they can be a dependable fuel for viraly marketing your content and offers.

    Even though reciprocation doesn’t happen, as in Bob’s case above, outbound linking should have a solid presence in your SEO strategy.

    The primary reason to combat this statement is the loss in PageRank. Well, one thing is for certain, there won’t be any PR bankruptcy if you reach out and assign editorial trust to some topic related content resources.

    On the other hand, benefits you’ll enjoy from linking out range from building authority (that will entice further back links to your site) to building a portal status within your niche.

    These are just snippets from a post I made recently where I plead pro to sistematically linking out.


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