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Plant a Tree. Get a Link. Latest Pixel Page.

Plant a Tree. Get a Link. Latest Pixel Page.

The Million Dollar Homepage has had an endless number of imitators. After all, who wouldn’t want to mirror the success of a product that was started with nothing and turning into A LOT.

Hitting my inbox this morning was the latest variation. What grabbed my attention is that for your contribution, you can get your blog some exposure and get a tree planted. I haven’t yet vetted this site, so you are warned to proceed at your own risk.

Here’s the e-mail:

Hi Andrew,

Bloggersmosaic is building greener blogsphere, and You are invited to join and help us out!,

Bloggersmosaic will plant a tree every time a blogger joins… as blogger i thought you may be interested

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With Bloggersmosaic n’t only you promote your blog, but you are helping earth in same time!


Language barrier aside, I’m having reservations about participating. Nowhere was I able to find where the tree will be planted. Nor was it 100% clear how much money I need to spend to get a position. Sometimes these types of pages can generate some short-term traffic if you jump in early. Let us know if you take the plunge. Given the current economy, I’m holding on to very cent I have.

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  • i checked the site, i checked the green page…what i got from first check is that they will donate for green organizations! which is i guess a good move , as these organization know better!

    other thing how you posted about something you didn’t vet?

    you are really holding on every cent! its 5 bucks to jump in!

  • what digger said is something i will agree with about vetted?

    the guy who is behind it …is hot! check his personal page! kinda funny things he had on…

    now forget all of that go check his blog , he wrote an early post really early…hope and disappointment post!
    now that what i call a guy who is trying to be honest .
    i was planning to have my own english blog , andrew i will make sure to contact you then, to talk about my blog ;)
    and i will join bloggersmosaic its so clear 48×48 spot for $25…cheap dude!

  • as foreign blogger who don’t speak english that well, i got the site idea
    you buy spot size you one, they offer or he offers 3 size on discount price
    48×48 , 20×20 ,10×10 … i agree with you about pixel , but at least this not copy cat ! the first site i love their light view used

  • i loved it , and the donation part which i don’t know how you or jackie didn’t get , is the awesome thing they have … i would recommend it to any blogger

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