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Prepare an Emergency Backup Blogging Kit

Prepare an Emergency Backup Blogging Kit

I dropped the ball.

When an unexpected family situation kept me from blogging for several weeks, I learned a valuable lesson: ALWAYS BE PREPARED.

By the time I realized I was unprepared, it was too late. The days mounted, the ideas retreated and time evaporated. Every day without an update on my primary blogs were steps backwards. And as all bloggers know, it’s so difficult to gain traction…giving it back is a cardinal sin!

Since life is unpredictable and you never know when it will get in the way of your blogging duties, here are several suggestions that can help you weather the storm.

Freelancer on Standby: Even if you do not have the funds to pay a regular contributor, it would be wise to build a relationship with someone who understands your editorial style and pay them on a need-be basis. If you are desperate, you can always find a provider on eLance or oDesk.

Guest Bloggers: Building relationships with other bloggers within your genre has dozens of benefits. In this scenario, being able to rely on people who “know what they are doing,” is a valuable tool to have in your blogging arsenal. In exchange for a few links, you’d be amazed at how hard bloggers are willing to work. These posts can act as a stopgap until you’re back in the swing of things.

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Press Release Mailing Lists: Many bloggers scour the Web for relevant press releases so they can “break news” on their blogs. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to get on the mailing list of dozens of top PR firms within my blog’s niche. How did I do it? Simple. Help out one PR firm with a product and the others will follow. On a daily basis, I find these e-mails clogging my inbox. But in my time of need they were immensely helpful. It’s a huge time saver when the news comes to you.

Pre-written Evergreen Posts: While not new advice, it is a good idea to have some well-crafted, undated posts at your disposal. Make a promise to yourself that you will always leave a minimum number of posts in reserve. You might come across days when it will be tempted to dust off your evergreen stuff to post, but I would urge you to save it for a time of crisis.

What’s in your emergency backup blogging kit?

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  • I think it’s essential to all levels of bloggers to keep in mind there’s a possibility we may be away from our blogs at a certain time, which it’s way out of our predictions. Just like having a backup data ready, it’s always good to be ahead of every problems before we’re regretting it later. Great reminder, and worth stumbling for all writers/bloggers to read this.

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  • Like most writers, I have my own personal ‘slush pile’ of nearly finished drafts; some are ideas that need a bit more work, others are articles that didn’t seem like they were timely, and a few I’m simply not sure about whether it’s a good idea to release them for time and eternity onto the Internet. Still, they do provide a good backup for when I’m stuck or don’t have time.

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