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Quick spring cleaning tips for your blog

Quick spring cleaning tips for your blog

Its the first day of Spring here today in Australia, and although its still fairly cool, September in my neck of the woods means that the 6 months it rains here will soon come to an end, it will be warm soon, and I’ll be a whole much more happier person (mainly because I hate winter). So what better time to write a quick spring cleaning list for blogs, but don’t despair if your North of the equator, because spring cleaning your blog(s) can be done at any time of the year: indeed I find it helps me particularly if I get into a rut, and as they say sometimes a change is as good as a holiday!

1. A splash of paint
Try that new color you’ve always picture having on your blog, or spruce up the existing color.

2. New header
If you’ve got a generic text header I want to track you down and shot you….well, ok, no I don’t but there’s never been a better time to try putting up a custom designed header. If you’ve not got Photoshop or similar give The Gimp ago for all your image editing needs, its open source so its free as well. Sites like Freephoto and Freestockphotos give a wide variety of pictures you may be able to use as part of your header.

3. Clean up your links
There are programs that can monitor the accuracy of your links but I don’t use one so this is on my spring cleaning list for the next week. Check your blogroll and make sure everyone’s still there and blogging.

4. Edit old posts
Darren talks about this one frequently, basically its updating old posts where you are getting traffic into them to add value to your site and to your readers. I’ve done this with an old hurricane post today here at the Blog Herald that was getting a lot of traffic from people looking for info on Hurricane Katrina where I’ve added some notes pointing them in the right direction so they can find the information they are after.

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5. Sign up to an affiliate program
Expand your horizons outside of Amazon to the wonderful world of affiliate mega sites such as and Clickbank. New ads on your blog can equal big dollars if targeted well and both these services give you this power

6. Take a stroll, be inspired
Take a random look around the blogosphere, or even follow some of the links here and take some notes, what do you like about other blogs, what don’t you like. You’d be surprised how easy it is to pick up new ideas for your own blog.

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  • Great advice. Thanks. Will do.
    I do envy you though. All I have to look forward to is 8 months of harsh winter – at least 3 months of them at subzero temps and the rest simply miserable.
    Think of us in the great white north when you enjoy your spring/summer. And enjoy your summer :)

  • Great list, Duncan…I just went through a bunch of this stuff while re-designing my blog and migrating it to WordPress. Thanks for your help with the migration, too!

    I love WordPress.

    I love WordPress.

    I love WordPress.

    Please…someone stop me before I blog again ; )

  • Great advice. I looke forward to seeing the next installment. For me here in the US, it is not spring. But with it getting colder, I have found it even more necessary to clean up my blog as my core readers will start to spend more time inside. I have recently switched from the dreaded Blogger over to my own domain and MovableType software. And I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a change. For a few bucks a month, I am now given 10x the freedom to make my blog my own. Rock on MoveableType! And let’s clean away…

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