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Share Your 2010 Blogging Goals

Share Your 2010 Blogging Goals

blog_goalsSetting goals is easy. Being held accountable for them is another story. Last year I set some serious blogging objectives for myself. And while I am pleased with the results, I recognize that I could have performed even better. All I needed was a cheerleader.

No, not the pom-pom wielding, short-skirt wearing type. (Though I wouldn’t complain!) But the fellow blogger who understands how important these items are to achieving my goal of going into business for myself.

Here were my 2009 blogging goals:

– Earn an additional $5k from freelance blogging
(I fell short by 35%; darn economy)

– Grow blog traffic by 10%
(Traffic grew by over 30%)

– Write and sell an eBook
(Mission accomplished!)

– Get 5 press mentions
(Fell flat on my face)

– Post 250 entries

– Tweet at least 250 times
(Over 500 tweets)

I will now put forth my 2010 goals and encourage you to do the same in the comments section below. Maybe together, we can cheer each other all the way to the finish line.

– Earn an additional $5k from freelance blogging
(The opportunity is currently there. I will need to have a greater commitment to providing content to other blogs. The catch is that I need to do this without sacrificing the quality of my primary blog. By hiring several new writers, I believe this goal is achievable.)

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– Grow blog traffic by 15%
(Compelling content is the biggest draw, but will only take you so far. I need to spend more time developing contests and making other bloggers aware of the articles I write, thus generating more incoming links.)

– Promote eBook and sell 100 copies
(I’m open to ideas on this one. I went the free press release/Google AdWords route and experienced minimal results. I might try changing up the cover and pushing it towards a more niche audience rather than “everyone.” If I don’t see results after the first half of the year, I would consider making it free and hope that it will drive traffic to my site.)

– Get 5 press mentions

(I have compiled a nice list of reporters who cover the beat my primary blog follows. However, my approach of sending a very short/polite e-mail promoting my goods has not worked. I will try press releases and put more effort into presenting them with a more “complete” story. This should increase the odds of my stories gaining traction.

– Post 300 entries
(I normally post one blog entry every business day. Some days, I plan to post two or three times.)

– Tweet at least 250 times
(Twitter has become part of my “life,” therefore I’m not even sure I can still call this a “goal.” I can certainly do a better job of trying to get my articles retweeted. I also need to up the number of people following me by making my Twitter presence more obvious.

Now let’s hear it! What are your 2010 blogging goals?

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  • Thanks for crystalizing my thoughts on my blogging goals. Mine will be a little different- I want to raise $ for the care of dogs whose moms and families are escaping domestic violence not write an e-book- but your metrics work for that too!

  • Hi Andrew! How insightful! I only started my blog in October last year so still feeling like a baby next to some of the more established bloggers.
    I’ve somehow managed to get a small stream of visitors coming to my blog. I’d like to increase this over the next year.
    I’d like to write posts more often as well. I like to really research my articles and get a lot of expert opinion – so I’m finding I take 4-5 hours to write one post! :S maybe once I get the hang of it, it will get easier.
    Best of luck with your blog goals!

  • Thanks for the article! It reminds me that I really need to start setting concrete goals as well, even though I’m just starting. I think more than anything I need to get more content up, but driving traffic is definitely an eventual goal.

  • Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for defining your goals, it inspires me. Here goes.
    Redesign: I am redesigning my blog to be more of a magazine layout, more fun and interactive.

    Increase Traffic: I like your increase goal of 15%, so hope you don’t mind, but I am using that number. I agree about great content, and have contemplated using contests also. I am going to do some fun, silly ones that draw traffic, but keep my overall theme of providing fitness info in he mix.

    Increase affiliate traffic: I am an affiliate of several products that I really believe in, so I am going to dedicate 1 day per week to promote them with a great article that will make people really see their value, thereby increasing sales and making me money.

    Develop other income streams: I have signed up on Squidoo and Hubpages and am now researching the best route to take to utilize their traffic and views to create income streams from each source

    As for your ebook: I would suggest giving it away and also setting up an affiliate program where others give it away, then create a better book, more in-depth and sell that one or maybe a workbook, Then people get the e-book free but pay for the work book???

  • I think you did very well with 2009 goals. I would love to be mentioned in the press, but that will be a miracle at this stage. I think if you help others out or perform really well, the word will get out and someone will be interested in a story about you. Take it easy.

    I have set personal and blog goals for 2010 and even broke them down into short and long term goals. I also would not mind about the cheerleader, can you imagine then what you would accomplish?

  • My goal is set when I start blog in October,2009.I hope I can achieve them in 2010,if not,I will achieve it in 2011,if not,in 2011…Because it’s a big goal to me,maybe I can’t achieve it in a short time.But I will sitck with my plan.What’s my goal?Over 100$ a day.

  • Hi Andrew,

    Great idea to have blogging goals. Never really did that before. For me, my goals will include doing 400 postings in 2010, help 10 guys to set up their SEO blog and increasing the traffic to my blog by 30%.

    Hope you meet your goals!

  • My goals for 2010– to find a way to use my posts as advertisement of my interest in politics. To get in that chair as a contributor/analyst on the political shows that I enjoy. After all, since college I have never swayed on my passion, have hosted a show on cable– talking politics. Bu with the economic downturn trying a new strategy– blogging. Hope it helps in my final stretch to sit next to Pat Buchanan , et al, as we talk Point/Counterpoint on a political topic of the day. I have the education and background. Will see what happens!

  • I think one of my problems setting goals is the balance between love and money. If I like to blog, then it’s a good use of my time. If I begin to think that I’m blogging for money, then the hours do not justify the income.

  • Great goals. I’ve been setting general writing goals for months, and even minimal blogging goals each month, but trying to think of what I want to achieve this year. Your goals give me a bit of an idea.

    Glad to find you again. I remember reading the Blog Herald a few years back, but it seems like the site’s been redesigned and it looks good.

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