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Should the Pope Twitter?

Should the Pope Twitter?

Philip F. Lawler, the editor of Catholic World News, has written an interesting column for USA Today that questions the Vatican’s public relations savvy.

Lawler suggests that the Vatican look at better ways to communicate stories and control the ‘spin’ of certain news items.

Does that mean Pope Benedict XVI should set up a Twitter account?

Hey, if surgeons can deliver real-time updates about ongoing medical procedures, anything is possible.

When I first heard the news about the chief resident at Henry Ford Hospital Tweeting during a cancer operation, I quaked in my boots. However, after some time to digest the concept – and as someone who has sat in a waiting room for hours desperately waiting for ‘news’ – the idea might not be that bad.

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We all know that Tweeting when driving is just dumb. Tweeting during sex is even dumber. But people do it.

Is there anyone who should not Twitter? Any situation where Twitter, in your mind, has no place?

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  • Uhmm.. this is just a silly post, isn’t it? How does this help anyone or do anything? Or is it just religion baiting?

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