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Stumble Into Friends and Gain More Visitors

Stumble Into Friends and Gain More Visitors

While most people are now aware of the terrific traffic spikes that Digg can send your way, my own personal social media fave usually gets second billing at best. Not only does my preferred service send traffic, it also:

  • Sends visitors over a longer period
  • Has less aggressive “feedback”
  • Invites deep involvement through community groups
  • Can be used very quickly and easily
  • Provides a toolbar to make it even easier
  • Is a fun way to spend periods of surfing time
  • Can be a source of new contacts and friends
  • Allows you to reward and reciprocate others

I am of course talking about StumbleUpon!

This post was inspired by seeing my SU profile mentioned at Blog-Op. I thought it was a lovely idea, thank your Stumbling friends, inform people of your own profile, and invite others to make use of the service. Brilliant.

Unlike some other social media services, there is no single topical bias. For example on Digg you might find a skew towards Apple, Linux, certain presidential candidates. Pretty geeky stuff. Over at SU every topic under the sun is represented. So as well being able to serve up content for any interest, I have also been able to help my blogging clients with a traffic nudge from articles about Photography tips to posts about a PDF to Excel Conversion product.

You see, StumbleUpon is not just a toolbar, or a social bookmarking service, it is also a community. Some topics have very active discussion groups. Some people use it for just delivering traffic, others make friends, while other primarily use it for bookmarking.

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If you haven’t tried it already I recommend you go and start making friends and building traffic, I am sure you will love it :)

Do you Stumble? Let me know in the comments so I can add you

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