Sustainable Blogging: Blog Like a Farmer

This is a guest post by Kim De, a freelance writer and author of Zen Kitchen, a blog focused on recipes and food issues.

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. For animals to remain strong and healthy under adverse situations. For humans to maintain their well-being. For agriculture to satisfy human needs for generations.

It is a word that has been batted around for awhile and has been prevalent in the media recently as farmers who are using sustainable practices are finally getting the spotlight.

But what if we were to stretch the definition to encompass other areas of our lives? Sustainable relationships. Sustainable employment. Sustainable blogging.

Lets see how easy it is to adopt the techniques used by farmers to bloggers.

Sustainable farmers raise food in a way that is healthy for the consumer and animal.
• They employ practices that will attract like-minded customers.
• They take care not to harm the environment to keep the land usable for years
• They show respect toward their workers, animals and land.
• They keep their land rich and viable which assures that crops and livestock will thrive for years to come.

But how does this relate to blogging?
• Don’t you want to attract new consumers (readers) and keep them coming back for more?
• Don’t you want an environment (blog) rich with ideas and conversation? Evergreen topics that are viable for years to come?
• Don’t you want to show respect for your land (blog and readers)
• Don’t you want to write articles (crops) that will enrich the land (blog)?

Well maybe the analogy is a bit much, but you get the idea.

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So the question now is, “How can I use these ideas to create a blog that will be productive for years to come?”

1. Have one or two focus topics and stick with them. This will help you develop a base of interested readers.
2. Know from the start if this is for fun, or for revenue
3. Networking, network, network.
• Participate in other blogs
• Have a Facebook page and post regularly
• “Tweet” your topics
• Make RSS feed available
4. Encourage commenting, then reply to all comments. This shows an enthusiasm for not only your topic, but for your readers.
5. Post regularly. Keep a list of ideas as they pop into your head so you will never run out.

Remember that “sustainable agriculture” is more a philosophy than a strict set of rules, and the same applies for blogging. Find what works for you and stick with it.

And most of all, have fun!

This is a guest post by Kim De, a freelance writer and author of Zen Kitchen, a blog focused on recipes and food issues.

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  • Love this metaphor! The sustainability factor is so important to farmers and bloggers.

    The principle of sow now, reap later and also a spirit of cooperative competition with neighboring farms are also traits we should find in both bloggers and farmers. Super piece!

  • nice philosophy. I didn’t realise those little factors affects the sustainability of the blog. Learning good blogging has vast knowledge to learn as well.
    Thanks for sharing (:

  • Loved this! I really appreciated all the points, although I should confess my shyness about twitter. I do follow other people, but I’ve never actually gotten myself an account. Is it really that important a tool for a blogger?

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