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Sunday Morning SEO: The Best SEO Advice I Have For Bloggers

Sunday Morning SEO: The Best SEO Advice I Have For Bloggers

If I had just one SEO tip to recommend to my fellow bloggers, it would be to write guest posts.

I recommend guest posting because link building is so important in SEO. Many webmasters neglect to build links so you’ll have a competitive advantage if you guest post. And the quantity and quality of your backlinks is the most important factor to ranking well for a wide variety of keywords and the competitive keywords with high search volume.

Sure, you can try other link building methods but these days guest posting gives you the best return for your time.  Here are a couple reasons why.

1. Links in the content: These type of links carry the most authority as opposed to sitewide links like the ones on the sidebar or footer.

2. Free: In this economy, free is good. Plus, paid links are more risky today with Google cracking down on more sites.

3. High success rate: Most bloggers seem to know what guest posting is and they don’t mind publishing quality content from other bloggers.

4. High quality traffic: The people who come to your blog after reading one of your guest posts are more likely to become repeat visitors.

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5. Leads to more links: This applies more to guest posts published on popular blogs. Oftentimes the popular bloggers follow and link to each other.  If you get a post published on a popular blog, you’ll get on the radar of other popular bloggers. They might choose to follow your blog too, which can lead to future links.

6. Builds your network: With guest posting, you’ll be building your online network since you’re helping out your fellow bloggers. This can lead to possible collaboration projects in the future. Plus, blogging is much more fun when you’re connecting with other bloggers.

Over to You

When was the last time you did a guest post?

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  • I have never guest posted before, however guest posting sounds like something I am very interested in doing, I will talk with some other bloggers about doing a guest post, even just guest posting one-way.

  • True story.

    Guest posting is a wonderful thing for your site and there is the added bonus of establishing a loyal community member.

    Good stuff, and nice site design here!


  • What a simple idea and smart. How do you let others know that you would like to guest post? Is there a place on the net that lets others know you are a guest blogger?

  • Now I just did guest post! I will spread the word as well! I just read on some of your other articles and I find them very useful! Bookmarking your site now.

  • The idea of Guest posting is indeed a good one. I have recently started to approach good bloggers for guest posting. Hope they choose mine.

  • The best links come from great posts in high-traffic blogs. Not only do you get the stamp of approval from the blog owner, but you also get follow links from many other bloggers, thus getting more stamps of approval. All those links are high-value links that are guaranteed to help your website ranking.

    Of course, you have to be a guest blogger at a high-traffic or influential blog, not your cousins latest blog.

  • Thanks everyone for the comments :)

    The method that works for me is to read a couple posts of a blogger to get a feel for their writing and audience. Next, craft a guest post that would be a good fit for their blog. Then, just email them your post and ask them if they wouldn’t mind publishing it.

    I don’t know of a place that lets others know you are a guest blogger, but contacting bloggers directly works well.

  • I ahve always found it hard to get a guest post on a blog that had any decent PR. Although, I know that I am totally willing to post others content on my site. Just drop a line if you want to take me up on it.

  • If folks reading this are interested in guest blogging over at my blog (click my name above) where I provide strategies and tips on social media and online marketing, I run a column on best practices in social media–and always looking for new voices. Heck, if you like it and I like it, can be more routine.

    For what it’s worth. :)

  • thank you Dee for this great post
    guest posting is a fantastic way to generate traffic and building relationships with other bloggers… but it has to be naturally people will feel it if you just pass away to build links
    try to be kind and helpful then bloggers you follow will return the favor


  • Great article, I am just working up to blogging and understanding it role in my business plans. Thanks for more information, i plan on reading more.


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