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Sunday Morning SEO: Stay Motivated by Tracking Your Rankings

Sunday Morning SEO: Stay Motivated by Tracking Your Rankings

It often takes time to see the results of link building in terms of traffic.  Compare this to social media marketing.  With social media, you can see traffic spikes right away whenever you get stumbles, diggs, and retweets.

On the other hand, link building doesn’t send as much as direct traffic as you might imagine.  In the short term, social media will usually send much more traffic to your site than link building.  The main traffic benefit from link building comes from the long term traffic you’ll get when you secure a front page ranking for a popular search term.  Getting a top ranking can often take a couple weeks to achieve.  It’s easy to lose motivation when you don’t see traffic results right away.

I like to keep track of my rankings and check them on a regular basis.  As I see improvement in the rankings, I know that it’s only a matter of time until I get that front page ranking and reap the benefits of quality long term traffic.

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Basically, I track the rankings of the keywords I’m targeting on a simple spreadsheet and check them about once every two weeks.  As I see my rankings improve, this keeps me motivated to continue to build links.

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