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Twitter as Coffee Break

Twitter as Coffee Break

Coffee and LaptopMore bloggers are coming around to the professional benefits of using services such as Twitter, but we should not overlook the social benefits either.

As more and more of us work remotely it is common to feel isolated or just miss out on the office banter we have grown used to.

On a one to one basis of course IM tools such as AIM/MSN/Skype can come in handy. Sometimes though we just want ambient chit-chat. Those random snatches of conversation occasionally make us prick up our ears but mostly just washes over as white noise.

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I would never advocate chatter instead of work but as a break or just a pause to collect your thoughts it can be quite re-energizing. Humans are social creatures, best for us not to forget.

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  • Totally agree. I had been blogging aloof for around a year and was not ‘feeling’ like a true blogger. Sometime back I started involving myself on the social networks, including Twitter. This makes me feel involved and also helps me get more reads on my blog. I am sure in the long run one can build a few friendships.

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