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Unobvious Life Hacks for Ads Optimization in Google

Unobvious Life Hacks for Ads Optimization in Google

There are hundreds of Google ads for the same services or products, yet, ironically, not all receive the same rate of conversions. The ferocious competition is still hard to beat, and the cost of ads only escalates. So while you might have excellent technical SEO, a great bundle of ads, and impressive landing pages, the ever-evolving Google never fails to surprise with its updates. 

However, if you are willing to learn a few hacks, the road ahead can be smoother to drive on and get leads beyond your expectations. Well, that’s precisely what you are going to do next. Fasten your belt, and read on!

Hack #1 – Ditch Trashy Keywords to Optimize Quality Score

Google exists for the benefit of its users. So when a user searches for a keyword, Google will not distinguish between a high or low one pays per click. But how relevant the ad is for their users. So one parameter used by Google to check relevance is the Quality Score.

To boost the Quality Score, one life-saving hack is to optimize the keywords and get rid of trashy ones. And that’s because all they do is weigh down your entire account apart from the specific ads.

So the best way out is to first add the top keywords. And you will notice a visible improvement in your CTR. When that happens, check for the bottommost keywords and remove them. Besides, it will be best to relocate that budget to remarketing. 

Another important thing for keywords is weeding out bad keywords by selecting them as negative keywords. Therefore, your CTR will not be pulled down by clients, not looking for your products or services. Finally, make sure that the content of your ad (as well as keywords) are optimized according to their search intent

Hack #2 – Prefer Emotional over Professional for Ad Content

When you write your ads, you probably are on a rampage for including all the features and services you offer as a part of business development. And that’s what most of your competitors do as well. So one question is: Why will a user choose to click on your ad over the others? 

One way to ensure this is by writing insanely convincing ads. And to convince, what’s better than writing one that touches the user on an emotional level? There are two reasons for this to work. Firstly, your ad will draw their attention as a solution to their problem. Secondly, since most other ads are into cramming features, your ad will automatically stand out of the crowd. 

If you need more insight into how to tap the emotional side of your potential clients, here’s a clue. Understand your customers’ requirements. What bothers them, what they are looking for, and how can you help them solve their problems. And before you know, you will be able to outsmart your competitors with the same arrow. This trick works for a lot more platforms like WordPress and Shopify as well. 

Hack #3 – Optimize for Device & OS

When Google Search Console is transparent in informing you about your traffic source, tap it to your advantage. If you happened to search the device sources for your websites, there must be more from the mobile than the desktops and laptops. 

Therefore, to enhance your ads’ performance and increase brand awareness, another great hack is to optimize it for devices and operating systems. However, mobiles have a limited screen area, but still more competitive than laptops. But, when you optimize for the mobile, it also becomes essential to have your ad displayed in the top spots. Be careful about that!

Similarly, you may also optimize the ads for only those locations and time that convert. This trimming will help you save on unnecessary clicks. For instance, why shall you spend money on advertisements during weekends when most conversions happen during the week. 

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Hack #4 – Remarketing Rocks!

Google ads are not meant for only getting traffic but also to convert. And surely, not each and every customer who visits your landing pages convert immediately. But that doesn’t mean that you may lose hope on those visitors, as there are still chances that they convert. Remarketing will come to your rescue in this domain. 

Remarketing works with the help of cookies that your website stores on the user’s browser. For this, the RLSA (Remarketing lists for search ads) will help you tailor our bids. 

To give you an example, you might have opened an apparel store on your device, viewed a shirt. Now, you didn’t buy that shirt and left. But thanks to a smart code on their website, they stored their cookies on your browser. Next, you open another website lets say of food delivery, but voila! You will probably see an ad of the same shirt with or without a discount on the food delivery website. And this time, you may change your mind and end up buying that shirt!

However, there is more to how and whom you must retarget your ads, so read more on RLSA from Google

Hack #5 – Track Rigorously

Keeping up with your Ads’ performance will give you the best picture of what is working and what is not. Use tools like Campaign Hunter, Google Adsense, among others, to track your running ads’ performance. These smart tools are the epitome of SaaS Development in ad management and increase your lead generation efforts. 

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