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Use Google Voice As a Blogging Aid

Use Google Voice As a Blogging Aid

Recently I’ve added a new tool to my blogging arsenal. I’m relying on Google Voice. There are two primary ways I am using it to help me in my blogging endeavors.

1) I leave myself voicemails that are the seeds of a blog post. The system automatically transcribes the content and e-mails me the text. I also receive the text and a reminder via text message.

I then take the transcriptions, correct the errors, and build around the post. It’s sort of like having the skeleton done and then adding the flesh.

2) I use Google Voice to leave myself audio notes on potential future blog. That way, when I hit a wall when it comes to topics, I can login to my account and see a running list of ideas.

Do you use any audio tools to help you blog?

If you do, let us know about in the comments section below. Or, you can call my Google Voice number, leave a message, and we’ll play your responses in a future BlogHerald post. The phone number is in the audio recording below.

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Here’s the sample audio that I left myself this morning to set the stage for this blog post.

Google Voice Audio

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  • You should add a “Call Widget” to your blog so people could call you by clicking a link…they never have to share their info with you and you don’t have to give out your number. You can even have different settings for it (which phones ring, if any, which greeting to play).

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