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Using Contextual Advertising On Your Blog (Part III)

Using Contextual Advertising On Your Blog (Part III)

If you have not been following these post’s please check out Using Contextual Advertising On Your Blog Part I and Using Contextual Advertising On Your Blog Part II. In the last post I discussed when it is time to not use Adsense and try something else for one reason or another. But,another important factor to using contextual advertising on your blog is when to actually place the advertising on your blog.

This is what I mean…

It is key that you don’t make a blog and pile 8 ad ads per page right when you make “found” your blog. Say, for example, you wake up one Saturday morning and decide to write a blog about color t-shirts. You go get a free template, write about this new pink shirt thats becoming a Big Hit, and start doing whatever the hell you do to generate traffic.

After about a week you have been able to “recruit” 4 readers.

You have to options now:

1. Put advertisements on your blog and potentially lose these readers or

2. Keep promoting your blog and virtually blogging for free until you have an appropriate user base.

It is really up to you and how much your rent is :P. When i create a blog I usually wait until my Feedburner reads about 50-100 readers before I risk losing my reader base by adding advertisements. When you reach that point don’t add the standard amount of advertisements, I find its helpful to keep it small and let your readers slowly adapt to ads on the blog.

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On another note I want to discuss using YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network) targeting. Although YPN’s targeting is virtually considered a joke I feel it is a necessary topic to blog about due to the fact that some of you will be putting YPN on your blogs. Specifically, targeting. If you don’t use YPN targeting on your computer blog expect to see the most irrelevant advertisements on your blog EVER. Make sure that you do turn on “targeting” in the dashboard, and if nothing else, just target something somewhat related to your blog (they give you very few options on what you can target) and you should expect to see a relevant advertisement every once and a while.

I think I have covered most of my tips and tricks to using contextual advertising on a blog and will summarize about this next time I post.

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  • I believe in monetizing a blog from jump street. I think a blogger should be paid for their ability to write valuable content, and its not as if what they write isn’t valuable unless a certain number of people see it.

    I consider bloggers to be writers who bring value, and like any other provider of value, they should be compensated accordingly.

    Waiting until a certain number of subscribers are available before monetizing a blog is – in my opinion – tantamount to false advertising to those first 50 to 100 readers.

    You are basically saying, “Here is this great content. I offer it to you freely, and without intrusive advertisements.”

    Then, once you reach a certain number of subscribers, you change your story by suddenly throwing ads in their face.

    All of this is just my opinion, of course, but I walk this talk. In the past few months I have started two additional blogs in addition to Today is that Day, and I monetized both of them before the first visitor ever even saw the website.

    – Aaron

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