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What is Your Ideal Dream Blog Job?

What is Your Ideal Dream Blog Job?

Blogging Jobs by Lorelle VanFossenThere are now quite a few blog job sites helping connect bloggers with jobs involving blogging. Here are some blog job titles I uncovered recently.

  • Advertising Expert Blogger
  • Alternative Health Blogger
  • Car and Phone Tech Blogger
  • Celebrity Gossip Blogger
  • Cell Phone Blogger
  • Children Issues Blogger
  • Cosmetics Blogger
  • Entertainment Industry Blogger
  • Fashion Blogger
  • Football blogger
  • Jewelry Blogger
  • Motor Trends Blogger
  • Musicians Blogger
  • Online Games Blogger
  • PETA blogger (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
  • Political Blogger
  • Real Estate Blogger
  • Science Blogger
  • Software Blogger
  • Sports Blogger
  • Sports Car Blogger
  • Travel Blogger
  • Women’s Health Blogger
  • Women’s Issues Blogger
  • Work from Home Blogger

Looking at this list, I thought about what my dream blog job would be, if I weren’t already blogging it. What would yours be?

For the most part, most of these jobs are dream jobs as they allow you to work from home in your pajamas. You don’t have to go to the office. You don’t have to wear a suit. You control your own schedule, as long as you can meet deadlines. And you get paid, not much, but something. Doesn’t get much better than that, right?

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Over the next week or so, I’ll be exploring the world of blogging jobs, but I’d like to know what your dream blogging job would be if you could choose any blog job. Are you already in that perfect blogging job? Tell us about it.

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  • For the most part, most of these jobs are dream jobs as they allow you to work from home in your pajamas. You don’t have to go to the office. You don’t have to wear a suit. You control your own schedule, as long as you can meet deadlines.

  • Got my dream blogging job. Not only do I get to blog about tech and men’s stuff, I’m also the guy who gets to help and train all the b5 bloggers.

    It’s a great, fun job.

  • Local News Wonk Blogger. We have a couple of highly-active, creative local news blogs in the Dallas area (D Magazine’s Frontburner, and the Dallas Observer’s Unfair Park). Not a day goes by where I am not checking out their newests posts — and being somewhat jealous of their connection to my fair city’s heartbeat.

  • @Spamboy:

    Ah, there’s no place like home. :D Literally. I miss my home town and love its blogs. I hadn’t thought about it, but a dream job would be blogging about my home town of Seattle. I haven’t been back in a while, but I’d still love to blog about it. Thanks for the reminder of how location can play such an important role in our dreams!

  • Oh, I think my dream job would be ‘anything’ blogger. I have so much to learn so I’m kind of somewhat a Jack of all Trades, master of none. But I think I would be thrilled with any of them.

  • I’m getting there, making money with blogging. I hope by the end of the year I can pay the rent, bills, and buy a new car with income from blogging and other Internet activities. 100% income from the internet, my dream job.

  • Hi Lorelle,
    You might want to interview Raincoaster for some quotes on what it’s like. She sometimes mentions her new pay gig for celebrity / entertainment gossip blogging.

    Looking forward to your insights.

    BTW, mystified about “Mary Kahn” and what’s she’s going on about – some racism against Asians?? Her link goes to a plastic surgery site.

  • My ideal blogging job would center around either getting paid to write on my own blog which would give me complete control and freedom to write about anything.

    However some other qualities of my dream job would be to manage and participate in a large community surrounding the blog in which I write for. I also wouldn’t mind supplementing my craptastic real world job income with income I make from blogging. Part of my dream is also to be successful. I’ve already experienced bits and pieces of my dream, but the full potential of the dream has yet to fall into place which means I still have work to do.

  • My dream blogging job would not just include blogging. I believe that the future is as much about a brand as a blog and that the most succesful blogs will grow to encompas video and audio podcasts, editorial services, online commerce, etc.

    I am hoping that one day these multitude of activities, all under the Rock and Roll Report “brand” will allow me to work full time, at home in my PJs. Think of the commute!

  • My dream job is one that enables me to pay the bills and afford me the time to do the other things in life I want to do (like be with my family).

    What would be ideal is doing a job that never feels like a job. Because even when you’re doing something you love, when you *have* to do it, it can soon feel like a chore.

  • I always said blogging is my dream job. I can talk about what I like, from my home office, and earn good coin. In fact, there was no reason for me to look elsewhere…until a couple of weeks ago when I was hired as Community Manager for BlogTalkRadio.

    It’s my dream job, a business is paying me to blog, chat, listen to some great programs…it doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Hi Lorelle,

    A community manager provides outreach – so I talk to the bloggers and social networkers to let them know about our technology and shows – plus I handle some of the writing and the BTR blog.

    It’s a great gig.

  • I am a freelance writer but I’m also a foodie and wine lover and write both a food and wine blog.

    I also have a blogging side gig and write about my other passion: health and fitness.

    I think my dream blog job would be to be a travel blogger and write about fabulous food and wine adventures across the world.

  • I’m a comedian, psych nurse, and mother of four. I’d like to write a column, and I write a lot of comedic stuff about life and current events. I’d like to write a blog which included my daily ‘column’, as well as the odd rant, rave, and review. I want to write a blog that reads like an entertaining chick’s magazine, that’s also usually relevant and interesting to guys.

    Because I write every day, I want to post my stuff every day – as it’s great to get the instant feedback on your material.

    I also want to work around my family’s crazy timetable.

  • i’m new in the world of blogging but i’ve dreamed of earning to audment my income life’s here in the philippines is hard

  • Entertainment and Music Blogger or Online Games Blogger Job. I’m fond of watching movies and write a review. Also have a high interest on blogging online games.

  • How to write the best resume and cover letters for entry-level and established jobseekers: free samples & templates of resumes & cover letters.

  • My DJ? :)
    I would love writing my skiing adventures, right as I come back from the ski piste. Can you imagine? Skiing the whole day, having a nice meal, and then open up the laptop, and start typing. I KNOW i would have lots of inspiration!

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