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Who Else Has Upgraded to WordPress 2.5?

Who Else Has Upgraded to WordPress 2.5?


Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.5 yet?

Around half of the blogs I write on are now upgraded and I was wondering who else had upgraded.

There are various reasons to upgrade, but just as many good reasons to not upgrade.

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Reasons For

  1. Keep up to date with the latest under the hood changes for performance and stability
  2. New features, like the media/image gallery enhancements
  3. Be more secure, make sure you have the latest software to prevent hacks

Reasons Against

  1. Your plugins will not all work
  2. Many themes will break
  3. It’s a technical hassle you don’t have time for
  4. The one-click installer at your host isn’t showing 2.5 yet
  5. Wait for the first patch

Let me know if you have or have not upgraded and why in the comments :)

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  • I upgraded yesterday and everything went smoothly. I use a rather all compliant theme and none too obscure plugins so everything is working fine.

    However, after logging in the new admin panel was a plain horror. Open source communities definitely need more user interface designers. I don’t know if I ever (want to) get used to it.

  • We upgraded the minute it was released :-D I think that if it’d come out in March as originally said, I might have waited a few days to see if other people were hitting problems, but with the extra month, my curiosity grew too much for me and I had to see what all the fuss was about straight away.

    I love the new admin interface; I don’t think it’s all that different, all it does it make the links I click most often bigger than the ones I don’t click so much.

  • I upgraded every blog I manage (around six or so). Primarily because the upgrade is an excellent one, and it is a lot of fun to use. Also, because I put together a “design decision” post over at Platform Pub (linked above).

  • I upgraded my local ‘sandbox’-blog the moment the first release candidate was there. I had some issues with the media-uploader, so I was hesitating to upgrade my ‘real’ blog.
    When I learned those media-uploader problems could have to do with the server the blog was running on, I did upgrade.
    At first everything went smooth, but since then I had to clear my browser-cache a few times to be able to upload pictures.
    (A friend of mine, who has a blog, isn’t able to upload her pictures at all. This can’t be a server problem I guess.)

  • I’m waiting on my hosting service to let me know its ready. While I’m waiting, I’m checking out all my plugins against the “working” list to see if I need any upgrades and hunting for a new theme made for 2.5 in case mine breaks on upgrade. But I’m not sure I’m going to like the upgrades from what I’ve heard so far.

  • Yep, upgraded my production and development blog sites all in one easy afternoon while sitting in the WordCamp Dallas audience. Fairly effortless, especially since the data schema didn’t change like it did in 2.3. Count me as an enthusiastic supporter of the new interface — it’s making blogging much easier these days.

  • I updated all of my sites this weekend, mostly for reasons 2 and 3 (although the media uploader isn’t working for me) and also because my xmlrpc file had flaked out and various api’s weren’t working.

    I had no theme issues or problems with the plug-ins that I use and it went rather smoothly.

    The biggest benefit to me so far is that the comment moderation is much smoother/quicker.

  • I upgraded “under duress”. I was getting those “connection with database cannot be made” errors that are apparently pretty common in WordPress, though I’d never had them before. Googling around, it seemed that the cause was the way WordPress stores database passwords; thinking it might have been fixed in 2.5, I upgraded.

    Ten minutes later, my host emailed me in response to my service ticket, telling me their MySQL servers were down and to hold tight. So I could have (and should ahve) waitied, as per my original plan.

    That said, 2.5 has functioned beautifully. I had to disable the Tiger-Style Admin plugin, since some dashboard linkes weren’t showing up; other than that, all my plugins have been fine. The WordPress Stats plugin even puts a widget on the dashboard, so I can see the recent action directly on the dashboard instead of clicking through. Nice!

  • I upgraded all my clients and my sites except my Wireless site: I found it went much smoother than expected, and only 1 plugin broke, which I found a fix for in less than 20 minutes online.

    5 sites total about 1 hour upgrading and re-activating plugins:


  • I upgraded after the first day of attending WordCamp Dallas — I figured if it went into the weeds, there’d never be a better time to get help :-)

    All in all, it went smoothly. I had about three plug-ins that didn’t work, and weren’t a problem to lose.

  • I upgraded last week, and had a pretty easy time of it. Everything went smooth. I’ve got two low-traffic sites to upgrade yet, but the “complex” one is done.

  • I upgraded one blog because it had been awhile since it had been upgraded and I wanted to bring it current. One of my other blogs will most likely stay back for a bit because now I have a better idea of which plugins will break and what to expect.

  • I have four blogs that I have not yet upgraded. Why? Because last time I installed an upgrade, they came out with yet another “critical” one just a few days later. Upgrading four blogs, if you do it carefully, takes time.

    So this time around I’m just waiting a bit, to see if they find security holes in this version and release 2.5.1.

  • My concern is that I have various very custom themes that embed other DB stuff in them. I love the way WP can deal with this happily, so my worry is that it might somehow break this functionality. Any ideas anyone?

  • Apparently 2.5.1 is projected for release on May 1st. That fact coupled with the number of fixes yet, to be devised and applied to the 2.5 fall-out means that I will choose to wait.

  • Chris,

    Your #2 point is over-stated. Many themes will not break, and have not broken when upgrading from 2.3 to 2.5. WP 2.5 mostly touched the administrative panels and largely left themes alone.

    Plugins breaking are a much larger issue than themes in this case. And of those plugins, most affect only the administrative area with respect to style bugs, or the new media feature and write panel.

  • With WordPress’s record of security bugs about the same level as Microsoft’s, I think it’s rather important to update to the latest version sooner rather than later. So yes, I did upgrade, and it went smoothly. With all the big names involved with the admin backend make-over, you’d think the result would be stunning, but I’m not impressed.

    I’m giving Habari a closer look, and will probably switch.

  • I used Fantastico in cpanel to install my wordpress. Its still in version 2.3.3. I am waiting for the provider to make available the version 2.5.
    However I have setup a local server to test out all the plugins for 2.5. I even exported my database and import them to the local server and it work fine. I guess this is one way to test never wordpress version to make sure your theme and plugin works before actually changing your actual site.


  • No problemwith the upgrade, but some problem in writing! WP2.5, while are you writing, save Draft, also if the post is already saved!!!

  • @GoingLikeSixty: you asked for my problem with the media-uploader: uploading pictures (haven’t tried video’s) did work, but when I hitted ‘inserted into post’, nothing happened.
    Clearing my browsercache solved the problem… but only for a while. I had to do it again a few days later.

  • I upgraded because I like to stay up to date, but I wish I waited for the first patch, I’m having issues with timestamps, a couple of plugins, and the write page isn’t nearly as good as the old one.

  • I just finally got around to upgrading to 2.5 on my less trafficked blogs and it went through without a hitch. I stalled because I thought there would be a plugin issue, which there always was in the past. This time, none and I can scroll down for miles on my plugin menu.

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