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Why Blogging is Not About Technology

Why Blogging is Not About Technology

RobotI was watching a tutorial video yesterday where the speaker said that “Blogging is a Technology that …”. Oh dear. If he thinks of blogging as a technology then he has missed the point.

Why is it that Pownce has better technology but Twitter has better conversations?

I am a member of both services. Twitter I visit, Pownce I just receive friend invitations. Most people I know say the same.

Of course there are quite a few people who love Pownce, but overall I would say Twitter is gaining more traction, and that is despite the service failure during Macworld (and others).

I have to think that despite all its (many) technological faults, Twitter is where the conversations and interesting people are. Think also of eBay, it looks pretty bad, doesn’t work that great, but buyers go there because that is where the products are, the sellers go because that is where the buyers are. It’s not a technical decision but a human one.

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Yes there is a basic level of technology that has to be present, but to think about blogging as a technical rather than social endeavor not only misses the point but dooms your efforts to failure.

Focus on people. That is where the value is.

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