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Will StumbleUpon Regret Their Share Feature?

Will StumbleUpon Regret Their Share Feature?

You might have seen StumbleUpon has expanded their share feature to allow you to send a stumble to all your friends.

At first this looks cool, obvious and useful … but I wonder if StumbleUpon will regret it?

  1. To send a “share” message to all your friends you need to go to your own profile.
  2. Go to your favorites and hover over one of the stories.
    StumbleUpon Share to All Friends
    StumbleUpon Share to All Friends
  3. A share button will appear over the image thumbnail.
  4. Hit the share link and a new sidebar will appear.
  5. From there you can click individuals or select them all.
  6. You can also enter a message to go out to all the share requests.

The problem is, does this make it TOO easy?

Before you had to think about who you were sharing with, now you can just blast them all.

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I just tried it (with someone else’s story, not a article!) and it look seconds. You would have thought this would get abused heavily and in short order.

What do you think? A feature too far?

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  • i would say that this is a good feature to have but one that will easily be abused too soon and removed. i add friends on stumble that are interested in things that i am and have never heard one complaint about sharing things, so in this regard i have no fear that i will continue to have no problem sharing with my whole list

    spammers on the other hand will over abuse the hell out of this and will likely cause its demise unless the spam accounts are caught early and people don’t friend spammers

  • This would be great if all of your friends shared the same interests! Mine do not…It’s the only way to mix it up a bit and not get the same stumbles shared over and over!
    There is going to be a bunch that love this feature and a bunch of naysayers!!
    That’s how the cookie crumbles…

  • I think the problem will not be so much that people use it, but the QUANTITY – if you have a lot of friends and they all make use of it, could get very messy very quickly :)

  • This feature is on the “What’s New” page and made a note of it on my blog posting of this topic (this page) I “Discovered”…

  • I can almost hear the thunder of simultaneous mouseclicks as hundreds of StumbleUpon users quickly un-friend people they may have befriended too hastily in a fit of generosity, brotherly love, and/or misplaced good manners.

  • Is it not something like the shout feature of Digg. I think it makes a lot of sense. This would make sharing the wisdom of the crowd much effectively. It’ll also create a better networking model for stumbleupon.

  • I’m a little behind with this, but had noticed this morning that something was up with SU with all the stumbles I was sent!

    It’s a good idea in theory, and as @Vivek points out, it’s the same as Digg, but I think it’s just gonna be spammed to hell for about a month and SU will pull the service.

  • I’d prefer if it didn’t automatically send an email to the people you’re sharing with. What’s wrong with just showing the little “new message” icon on the SU toolbar? That’s all that used to happen when someone shared a story with you. Now, while they still do that, you also get an email. I’m probably going to have filter those emails out the same way I do with “Someone added you as a friend on Digg” emails.

  • Yeah the email is the most annoying thing, but those little notifications in toolbar could get very irritating if people just mass-share every single time rather than consider the recipient?

  • I suppose the toolbar notifications could get annoying, too, if you have a lot of SU friends who are abusing the feature. But, I honestly don’t mind them too much. I prefer them to email.

  • I think users who send links very often to their friends in stumbleupon will be removed from friends list by their friends, unless the user promotes only good stuff.

    In the second case, where the user who is abusively using this share option has friends who does stumbles anything and everything for him, they would misuse stumbleupon even if the share feature is not there. Only thing is that this feature makes it easy for them to do what they are already doing.

    Most probably this feature will either be removed or a much better solution will be put forth.

  • Any system can be abused really. This makes it easier on the people who want to share useful content with others not to have to do it one at a time. And anyone who abuses it can be reported or removed from your friends list, so it’s not too big of a deal.

    ~ Kristi

  • I have to say that the amount of pages shared with ME has quadrupled at least. I don’t know if it is because people are excited abut the new feature and want to try it out or if it just a lot easier to spam your friends. But I hope it dies down soon. The huge influx of e-mails and shares has become a bit overwhelming.

  • I still use the same discretion in sending articles to my friends – in other words, I sent only articles I think they will appreciate receiving. And this feature does not make me send any more articles than I sent before, it just makes it easier to do so. Yes, I have seen some distant connections get a lot more aggressive in their sending, and they quickly became ex-friends. The community polices itself. Anything that makes it more convenient to participate is welcome.

  • I would say that it might not be that much of an issue if only people who you are mutually friends with can send you stuff, all you have to do is remove the spammer from your list of people that you follow.

  • This is really just a reversion back to what they used to give you the ability to do way back when. You used to be able to send something to all of your friends at once, but they eliminated that feature. Now, for all practical purposes, it’s back.

  • I think users who send links very often to their friends in stumbleupon will be removed from friends list by their friends…

    I can attest to this. I had a “friend” use the SU share feature probably 4-5 times a day. I got tired of it quickly and unfriended him as a result.

  • To some extent it is useful but sometimes i’m tired of those people who send me almost 20-30 a day and sometimes they keep on repeating on sending it. I have to admit that they are many person i unfriended because i already told him to stop sending it almost 4 times a day with the same site and i got pissed of. Some really abuse this feature.

  • This Share Button screams “Abuse me.. Am waiting”

    Now one doesn’t even need to blink to think who all to share stories with. Just bombard everybody on list…
    I have stopped the emails from SU already, but can’t stop the SU Toollbar filling up…

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