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Write Your Blogging Acceptance Speech

Write Your Blogging Acceptance Speech

So most of us bloggers are not rich and famous…yet. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get to enjoy the self-aggrandizing, masturbatory ritual known as the award show acceptance speech.

It’s actually not a total waste of time…

Writing an acceptance speech will help you take the time to reflect on who you should really thank.

The folks who have influenced your blog and kept you motivated might not be top of mind. Sure there’s God and mom and dad, but beyond that, there are countless other people who teach, cheer and inspire. Some you might know well; others might be virtual ‘friends.’ These are people who have helped shape your blog and YOU.

Robert Downey Jr. recently snagged a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. Rather than the usual acceptance speech junk, he boldly told the world that he had no one to thank. It was of course a joke, but it got me thinking how unprepared I am. I realize I won’t be wining an OSCAR or a Razzie any time soon, but still, I’m the kind of guy who likes to be prepared.

Let’s pretend I just awarded you with the first ever Blog-Heraldy Award (yes, before we hand anything out, we’ll need a better name!). You’re dressed to impress. With the red carpet walk out of the way, the lights dim, and your name is called. You saunter up the stage in a fog. Thankfully, you wrote your acceptance speech in advance. Save us the bologna about not expecting to win. Use the time to pay homage to those who matter most.

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What does your acceptance speech sound like?

Type quickly, we’re about to roll the music and cut to commercial.

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  • I admit that my English is not so supportive, but with the help of easier Translator in translating the news and comment. A good language is a weakness in writing.

  • I thank the spiders for crawling my online identity,
    and the Blog Herld for bringing to my attention that I
    should be prepared for success!

    P.S. Nice font for the comments while typing. Drove me to bring up my finest words for the fine font. ;-)

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