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15 Ways Of How Not To Kill Your Leadership Authority

15 Ways Of How Not To Kill Your Leadership Authority


Many studies have been done on millennials and their lifestyles. Most people believe that most millennials are young rebels with no goals, but that couldn’t be farther than the truth. In fact, this generation is full of future CEOs, entrepreneurs and world-changers. But how do you get the world to pay attention to someone that is considered just another young’un?

Leadership is the key. This social skill is a must if you want to become in control. According to Deloitte’s millennial survey, a person in a managerial role is more valued by his employees if he understand and supports those underneath him.

As millennials climb up the corporate ladder, it is important they remain mindful of the kind of reputation they build with those they work with.

Thanks to our friends over at, we have this great infographic to shine some light on the topic.


15 Ways of How Not to Kill Your Leadership Authority

Created by communications expert, Lenka Tumova, the infographic was inspired by a millenial study done by Deloitte.

“Leader does not always have to be the person with the best qualities and abilities. It is a person who was able to make his/her way on the top in a better way than the others. There is no definition of a good leader,” explains Tumova. “Efficiency of a leader is presented through the people he or she is in charge of. Yet, there are certain things that every influencer should be aware of. The infographic explains fifteen problems that can undermine your leadership authority. Check them out and become a hero in your people’s eyes.”

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