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Your Guide to Holiday Marketing

Your Guide to Holiday Marketing

We are in the final days of the holiday marketing push. Make no mistake about it, holiday shopping started early again this year. But starting early rarely means finishing early when it comes to holiday shopping. Most shoppers aren’t willing to skip the holiday sales just for the chance to say they finished their shopping early. So, it’s not too late if you’re still trying to get eyes on your product or service.

Wait. Not too late???

Last year, the National Retail Federation expected more than half of ALL holiday shoppers (53 percent) to still be out shopping on Super Saturday. Not only that but the day after Christmas consistently ranks in the top five shopping days… every single year!

Plus, you can’t forget about the power of gift cards. They are the TOP-REQUESTED gift, and subsequently the most gifted.

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So, yeah. There’s still time.

The team at The Shelf has put together an evergreen social media marketing strategy that is both effective and actionable. Tweak it. Roll out an abbreviated version of it to get in on the post-holiday push… and get your brand in front of that fun-loving, last-minute shopping crowd.

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