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Incredible Influencer Media Kits Templates and Examples For Inspiration

Incredible Influencer Media Kits Templates and Examples For Inspiration

What is a media kit?

Media Kits or also known as Blog kits, or Press kits can be compared to a portfolio. It is a package of information about products, events, or business. Usually, it could be likened to a company profile. It lists down a blogger or an influencer’s photo with her details. A media kit is usually used to showcase the influencer which includes their passions and their talents.

Important statistics shown in a media kit may include several likes and follows in different social media platforms. Sometimes, there is even information to show the common demographic of readers like the age group and gender. Also, it shows the creator’s number of working websites and previous works. Some media kits even show daily stats or analytics like page views, unique visits, total page visits in a day, and more.

Why do you need a media kit?

There are a variety of reasons why influencers and bloggers need a media kit in their careers. The most important of these is sponsorship. Preparing a media kit helps get clients for brand representation. Usually, media kits can contain previous sponsors so the potential client can do their own search of a blogger or influencer’s performance. It is similar to auditioning for a modeling job where the model needs to show a portfolio, or an employee submitting a resume for a new job. Clients get to know all the pertinent details in a single glance.

Media Kit Examples and Templates

As a social media influencer

This example shows how a social media influencer could create their media kit. Of course, the influencer needs to tell the client about themselves and what their passion is about. What is most helpful for the potential client would be the infographic on readers or followers and the data analytics statistics at the bottom. The more engagement the better!

Image Source: Pinterest

As a Model or Influencer

This is very common for influencers who wish to model for e-magazines. Maybe add a touch of editorial vibes with a modelesque photo. For a more straightforward media kit, there is a portion that shows the packages or rates being offered by the influencer or the blogger. This makes it easier for potential clients to decide whether or not they are willing to deal with the applicant.

As a photographer or designer

How well can you sell yourself as a photographer than taking a really cool photo of yourself? This is a very informative resume and is really great for young and hip clients. Sells what the applicant is showcasing. There is also a portion of previous experiences and skillset they could offer. Noticeably, since this is for internet related work, it is better to put in social media contacts than simply a telephone number.

Image Source: Pinterest

Submitting like a resume

Why not create a media kit as a web designer by showing how you have your thought process? This is a clear infographic of her information, educational attainment, and experiences. A web designer should always have concise thoughts that are easy to explain and share with others. The media kit shows exactly that.


Image Source: Pinterest

Cool Typed Graphic Designer

This is a really creative example of how a graphic designer could create a media kit. It shows how well she can put together important information without using too many words. There are probably less than 300 words in the entire media kit but it tells a lot about the designer, her experiences, her skills, and even information like hobbies.

Image Source: Pinterest

      Showcasing as an illustrator

An illustrator showcasing her work through a very cute infographic. The drawings are, for sure, made by her. The media kit also has less than 300 words in it but it tells a great deal about what the applicant can do, how well she can draw, and how well she could incorporate color theory in her work. All of these are important for an illustrator.

Image Source: Pinterest

Where Can I Make Media Kits for Free

There is a multitude of places where freelancers could get templates for media and press kits. Just remember that what is most important is to find what matches your showcase and skills the most. Make it editorial if you are an influencer, make it technical-looking if you are a developer, and maybe make it cute if you are an illustrator. Here are a few places to look for media kit templates for free:


There are multiple free templates available on Canva that could be embedded in websites. These could also be downloaded for use.


This is probably one of the best places to look for samples of media kits rather than templates. It is always better to create your own to show off what skills you could really share. Taking inspiration from entries on Pinterest is always helpful in building one’s own media kit.

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