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Facebook: Stats of Dire Straits?

Facebook: Stats of Dire Straits?

Facebook misuse
Who isn’t on Facebook these days? We’re all connected and joined together with pictures, status updates and a whole lot more – and most of us do it without an inkling of the perils that we face on the social media network, day in and day out. Facebook gets a lot of flak for being unsafe for kids, adding to an employer’s woes, and even messing up a relationship or two – and not without reason.

The social media giant has boomed in the last half decade or so, with more than a billion users to its name. The magnitude of the impact it can have on people has not gone unnoticed. The harmful stats are sure to throw anyone for a loop. From Facebook depression to stalkers, from a loss of productivity to slander – the problems that are part and parcel of the social media network are aplenty.

Parents are often left scampering to figure out ways to keep their kids safe online, while employers are wondering what to do with employees who can’t leave the network alone. Some put up blockades on internet connections with apps and software only to realise that the person they’re trying to keep away from Facebook has found a back door (and in the case of teens and employees there’s always a loophole or a backdoor).

What’s one to do in this situation? We’ve taken some of the most significantly harmful stats that we could find and put them together in the form of an infographic for the average Joe on the internet. Whether you’re an employer or a parent, you’re going to find the numbers on Facebook misuse both interesting and disturbing.

Do you see any familiar problems in our stats? Is there something you’d like to add to our little list? Check out the image and tell us what you think.

facebook infographic
Source: MobiStealth

Image via Imperfect Women

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