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SEO in 2013: year of the consumer

SEO in 2013: year of the consumer

If you have a website and you actively monitor keywords (and you should do the latter if have the former!) to bring in traffic, then you probably know the situation on the Web has changed a bit in the past year or two. Algorithms have been altered to help content creation get a kickstart; from a users point of view, this is great news. From a strict SEO view, however, things may appear more dicey.

If your strategy prior in 2012 was keyword stuffing and optimizing for search engines, you’ve got a long road of change ahead. If you’ve always written to an audience and engaged them, then you’re safe. The latest from Google Labs i.e. the “Penguin update “ switched the game up for SEO in a big way and prioritizes readable, engaging content over unreadable or even nonsensical (sometimes) paraphrased data.

Either way, fear not. SEO strategies must change for the Web to be a better place for all, especially when running a business. We’re here to help you and this article is meant to serve that purpose. So put down that spinning software, put the backlinking and social bookmarking ideas aside for a moment, and read this information to get yourself current with 2013 SEO strategies.

SEO in 2013: The Year of the Consumer

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