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Social Media Cheatsheet of Keyboard Shortcuts 2016 Edition

Social Media Cheatsheet of Keyboard Shortcuts 2016 Edition

social media keyboard shortcuts

How much time do you spend on social media for your blog? I don’t mean going on Facebook and Twitter to catch up with friends, or pinning gorgeous stuff on Pinterest, or even looking at cool photos on Instagram – all for personal pleasure. I mean doing the sometimes tedious work of ensuring your blog’s profiles are updated with posts, replying to comments and tweets, and talking to your followers in general.

The chances are that you’d say “too much”. Too much, meaning you can use some of that time planning and writing posts.

If you’re a community manager and/or content marketer at the same time, you’ll be spending even more time on social media. Trust me, it is no small matter. If you think you’ve got it hard managing one – or two – account, imagine having to take care of at least five accounts.

Thank goodness for scheduling apps like Buffer. Else, I’d go nuts.

But, Buffer isn’t enough. It schedules and gives you the data to analyze, but you still need to go on the platforms to do certain things like reply, comment, favorite, like, and all that social media-y stuff.

Depending on your workload (read: number of social media accounts, number of updates and followers, et.c), you will still have to allot a good chunk of your time to being social.

That being said, there are ways to cut down on time by speeding up your social media tasks.

Enter the Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet.

I don’t know about you, but keyboard shortcuts make life a whole lot easier – and faster. As much as mice are necessary, there’s nothing like fingers flying all over the keyboard. Makes one feel like you’re getting lots done, doesn’ t it?

On a serious note, keyboard shortcuts really shave off minutes here and there, which add up. If you aren’t using keyboard shortcuts for your social media accounts, you might want to try them and see if they do save time. There will be a learning curve, of course, but once you get it, you’re golden.

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet


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