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The History of Data Storage:Infographic

The History of Data Storage:Infographic

Data storage technology has undergone an unprecedented explosion in development and evolution over the last three decades. You may have probably seen a photo about data storage that has been circulating in Facebook and other social media networks. In that clever photo, one panel showed a 250 MB hard disk developed by IBM. The hard disk was as huge as the external unit in a split type airconditioner and required a trolley for it to be transported. The other photo showed a 32GB microSD card. That photo clearly illustrated in stark contrast how much data storage technology has grown and developed – that data that used to fit in a storage medium as large as a refrigerator can now be just a blip in a storage medium as small as your fingernail. Even blog-software cannot fit in the very first hard drives!

The following infographic is another visual reminder of how much data storage and technology has developed over the years. The infographic cleverly illustrates each megabyte to represent a foot in height. You can immediately see the breadth and scale of today’s best storage technologies. It is mind-boggling! The infographic also shows us that all of these advancements are now also accessible to the average consumer because of the exponential drop in prices as data storage becomes more powerful.

Via: Stackify

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