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Richard Gorman – Email Marketing Made Easy

Richard Gorman – Email Marketing Made Easy


Communication is evolving, likewise marketing. Product sellers and service providers don’t seat back, waiting on the consumer to demand for their product(s). Instead, they take it to them, anticipating a favorable response. What better way is there to taking your product(s) to the consumer than sending it straight to their inbox? Email marketing is a sure bet. And according to online marketing expert, Richard Gorman, it is an effective and reliable marketing technique

Email marketing is as simple as it sounds; there is no “technical know-how” involved. A computer, an internet connection and email account are the basic tools needed. However, to get good result, which is the goal of every marketer, you need to know your onions, says Gorman.

With several unsolicited mails invading the inbox of consumers daily, they are always in a hurry to click delete. So, you need to come up with emails that won’t only escape from getting deleted, but also push the consumers to consider buying the product(s) you are offering.

Richard Gorman Highlights Advantages of Email Marketing

As an expert in direct response marketing, Gorman understands the challenges involved in marketing. And as such, acknowledges how Email Marketing makes marketing easier for entrepreneurs. He highlights some of the benefits that Email Marketing brings to the table:

1. It Saves Cost

Email marketing helps marketers to cut down high cost that comes with mainstream marketing. It also helps them get good results from their numerous clients in a more convenient and easier way. Research shows that Email Marketing is 20 times more cost effective than marketing through mainstream media.

2. Build Seller to Buyer Relationship

With customers receiving emails from you on a regular basis, it naturally creates a bond and attracts them to you, which is a good thing for business. Constant communication with the consumer builds consumer loyalty to products and brands.

3. Feedback

Communication is incomplete without feedback. Mainstream marketing hardly provides an avenue for consumer feedback. But with email marketing, the consumer can give feedback on the product(s) in question. The knowledge of this feedback, be it positive or negative, greatly helps you to make improvements.

4. Improved Tracking

It is important for marketers to have a record of sales in order to know who is buying, and what marketing strategy works better than the other. Since email campaigns provide links that direct consumers to sites where they can make the purchase, marketers can keep track of the whole buying process.

Richard Gorman Reveals Ways to Get Favorable Response with Email Marketing

1. Organize Client Contact

It’s a good thing that you have many customers to contact. But rather than sending out emails at once to everybody, it pays to carefully organize your contacts in various segments. This will enable you identify what clients to send what messages to, in accordance to their various individual needs. This is what autoresponders are for. Depending on the one you use, you can organize your list into groups and send to each group only what is relevant to them.

2. Create a Captivating Headline

Your subject line is the first impression customers get from your campaign. While customers are in a hurry to delete unsolicited messages, marketing research shows that they give these messages the benefit of doubt by reading the headlines. And only emails with headlines that catch their attention are read. You cannot afford to get it wrong with the headline as it determines whether your message will be seen or not.

3. Order Your Step

Yes, you have captured the consumer’s attention. But it doesn’t just end there; you need to hold their attention. The consumer is probably thinking, what’s this all about? You need to answer the “what” question immediately, in order to keep the ship sailing.

Consumers receive too many messages from marketers and organizations like yours, telling them things they already know. To get a favorable response from customers, you need to categorically spell out what you are offering them. Rather than educating customers about your company, educate them more about the benefits of the product(s) you are offering and what they stand to gain by using it.

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4. Create an Engaging Campaign Copy

The whole essence of your campaign is to convince the consumer to patronize you. And while you won’t have the opportunity to stand face to face with the consumer and give them 101 reasons why they should buy your product, your campaign copy will do the work. So, you don’t want to present content that cannot hold water; that will be a waste of time. Instead, put in all resources to ensure that once the consumer goes through your copy, making a sale is guaranteed.

5. Appreciate the Consumer

Showing appreciation to people for things they have done is one of the oldest tricks in the book to get them to do more. The consumer eventually patronizes your product(s), you make a sale, and that makes you happy. Congratulations to you! But have you thanked him/her for the purchase?

Well, if you intend to make more easy sales from that consumer, you need to make it a point of duty to say “thank you.” That has worked in the past and it’s still working now. It won’t even cost you anything to do that, an automated “thank you” message is just fine, says Richard Gorman.

Email marketing gets even more effective when you study the buying behavior of existing customers, and approach them based on that, says Richard Gorman. It’s like knowing the right buttons to press, and pressing them at the right time. So start pressing those buttons!

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