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What to Expect from Hiring Outsourced Content Writers

What to Expect from Hiring Outsourced Content Writers

If you are managing multiple websites and don’t consider yourself a very good writer, then you can’t expect to provide top-notch content in each of your sites. Instead of cramming these tasks into your already busy schedule, the best solution for this problem is to hire outsourced content writers. By having a dedicated writer for each site, you can focus all your efforts on developing your marketing strategy and leveraging your website analytics to improve the performance of your sites.

However, upon outsourcing writers whom you can find from premium content writers (Textbroker), brand storytellers (Skyword), or even from essay writing sites (Bid4papers) comes a new challenge: managing these writers to deliver high-quality work on time. You will experience problems in this regard, especially if this is your first time hiring writers for your websites.

But collaborating with outsourced content writers will never be an obstacle if you only know how to deal with them. It all starts with having the right mindset and set expectations to guide you with handling these writers. Below are tips and advice on the expectations you need to set with your website writers.

They won’t get it the first time

There’s a great chance that the writers won’t send you error-free articles despite having sent them the complete brief and editorial guidelines. It’s best to have lowered expectations when it comes to their first articles. This way, you give them room to grow and get acquainted with the kind of content you want published in your site.

Tip: Before hiring writers for the job, make sure to run them on a time-based period or trial posts to determine whether or not they’re right for the gig. After an article or two, you will see if they’re capable of meeting your high standards or they don’t have what it takes to get the job done.

A good indicator of their ability to adapt to your demands is how much they’ve improved with their second article compared to the first. Did they correct the mistakes they made on the first article?

They must keep their lines open


The ability to express their thoughts in a clear and concise manner is a skill that all writers must possess. However, being able to reply to your emails on time, attend scheduled online meetings to discuss strategy, and work according to the schedule agreed upon is a skills not all writers possess.

The trial period should tell you how good their communication skills are. If they are true to their word, they will be able to submit the articles to you on time without you reminding them. If they are unable to submit on time, they should send you an email explaining why they will be unable to submit (while providing a legitimate excuse).

What you are looking for is not simply a great writer, but also a dependable one.

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Tip: To improve your communication with writers, you may want to use project management tools to facilitate the tasks at hand and cut down on sending emails that needlessly fill up both your inbox.

They must be professional

As professional writers, you need them to treat their jobs seriously. Regardless of your setup with the writers (whether they are working at home or freelancers),  they need to submit the articles on time. If you point out mistakes that your writers made on the work they submitted, they should learn from their errors and apply the corrections to the next post they will write for you. You want them to be accountable to their mistakes and push them to their best.

Tip: At the same time, the writers will want you to be professional to them as well. Reward them if they have been doing an excellent job on your websites to acknowledge their hard word. The reward doesn’t have to cost much, mind you.

Final thoughts: By following the guidelines featured above when working with outsourced content writers, you will be able to find those whom you can depend on to create consistent and top-notch articles and posts for your blog or website.

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