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9 Principles of Experiential Marketing in 2020

9 Principles of Experiential Marketing in 2020

Did you know that 68% of app developers surveyed mentioned an increased demand in the event app space since 2018? Or that 60% of marketers today agree that live event experiences at an event increase impressions and lead generations? 

The beauty of marketing lies in the evolution of strategies and methods that adapt and change as the years go by, as more and more tools are introduced. First, it was Web 2.0 that marketers needed to adapt to, but fast forward a few more years, it’s now Web 3.0. 

While digital marketing has taken a huge portion of marketing tactics, budget and focus, however, experiential marketing goes hand-in-hand to extend and convert customers on a different playing field, and companies with tangible products and services need to pay attention. 

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If you want to get ahead of the curve, here are ten principles of experiential marketing you need to enhance and pay attention to in your next campaign.

10 Principles of Experiential Marketing in 2020

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Image by Couleur from Pixabay

1. Listening to Your Audience

One of the most important foundations of any marketing strategy, whether it is social media or experiential marketing techniques, is listening to your target market. How do you listen? Many social media platforms nowadays provide ‘Insights,’ which give you statistics of where they are from, their interests, who they are, what do they identify with, and so on. Once you have gathered these details, use this data to create experiential marketing content that is tailored to their interests and needs, and spark conversations that lead to sales. Digital data is not just for the digital playground. 

2. Focusing on specialized content

Too much fluff from any brand, and you’ll end up having people unfollow you or unsubscribe. The same is said for events, campaigns, and physical marketing efforts. Specialized content is what you need here because it builds a strong brand. So instead of saying things like ‘a one-stop solution for printing,’ craft your message with something like ‘exclusive purveyor of premium letterpress invitations and bespoke printing services.’ Sounds classy, doesn’t it?

3. You want quantity and quality

Let’s face it; if you have a marketing trailer at a tradeshow or event, you want to attract a crowd. So when it is a mobile marketing vehicle, a booth, or a marketing trailer, your main goal is to have content that attracts. But make sure you before they leave, you get a tie in- whether its a business card, signup form, contact detail, etc. as this can be generated into quality leads.

Image by annca from Pixabay

4. Patience is Virtue

It takes time to build an audience, especially at trade shows, where there are plenty of other brands vying for the same attention from the attendees. As such, having great content, a well-designed booth, trailer, or virtual environment alone is not enough. You also need engaging spokespeople and promoters to speak to the people coming in and walking by your booth. It’ll take a little effort at the beginning, but ones the crowds start coming in, there’s no stopping them. 

5. What’s Offline Will Go Online

Remember that whatever your target audience experiences at your experiential setup, it will go online through selfies, reposts, tweets, uploads, videos, and stories. When creating an experiential marketing campaign, keep in mind that your content will go online, so create an experience that encourages social media activity. Sharing and discussing your content on a user’s account enables you to reach new entry points and give potential customers more ways to find you. 

6. Social Media Influencers

Why limit the brand experience to just promoters? If you have identified social media influencers that champion your brand, why not associate yourself with them? They already have the quality audiences and leads, and they are most likely already interested in your product, business, or service. Connect with them- don’t shun them. Get them to collaborate with you to enhance the brand experience. Build relationships with your influencers- they will share your content with their followers, multiplying your reach, and making your brand more down-to-earth and accessible.

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7. Adding Value to your Conversation

If all you do is promote and promote your products and services, talk about your flash sales, and how amazing your product is, people will stop listening. Part of experiential marketing is also sharing, liking, and being involved in topics related to your brand as well as jumping on the bandwagon of viral trends, political or social events that are happening in your country and in the world as well as corresponding to your audiences. You must add value to your conversations and activities because this will develop relationships with your audience. 

8. Acknowledging your audience

Knowing who your audience is extremely vital to any marketing campaign. Building online relationships is one of the surest ways of online and offline marketing success. Sure there is no point reaching out to every person that tags you or comments- you might just create a storm! But once in a while, where valid (and really use your discretion on this), it is proper to respond to your audience, especially when they’ve asked questions or have constructive suggestions. This is an extremely vital post-event when people are still talking about you. 

9. Be Accessible

One of your events is done and dusted, and you’re closed up your mobile marketing trailer for the day, the work must still go on and extend to your online space. Publishing your content on the first day of the week after an event and then not posting up anything for the next three months will not do you any favors. To be relevant and accessible, you need to post up content at a good pace. Be consistent, but do not over-share (this can also cause you to lose your fan base). If followers see too little or too much from you, they will not hesitate to unfollow you. It only takes one click. 

If you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experiential marketing experience in need of professionals who can create mobile marketing vehicles, mobile museums, and anything else you’re envisioning for your next event, click here to find out more. It’s time your audience talked about you both online and offline. 

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