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WordPress Posts On-the-Fly

WordPress Posts On-the-Fly

wThank you, WordPress.

WP has now made blogging-on-the-go even easier thanks to the Twitter API.

Post to your WordPress blogs or read your WordPress favorites via the Twitter API. Any app that uses an API URL will work.

With third-party apps on a meteoric rise, WordPress has wisely decided to embrace a macro/micro-blogging relationship.

Read more on the official WordPress blog.

One such app that ties WP and Twitter together is Tweetie2, arguably the most popular iPhone Twitter app.

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Simply add your WordPress account info to Tweetie’s settings and you’ll be writing and reading on the fly. You can even geotag your status updates.

Techcrunch recently reported on WordPress’s impressive September ’09 stats, gaining 10 million unique visitors, climbing to almost 152 million a month. And back in November, WP added the ability to subscribe to blogs by e-mail.

With a clear understanding that mobile posting/reading is the future of blogging (heck, it’s the NOW of blogging), could WordPress soon surpass Blogger as THE blogging platform? WP would have to double their number of monthly visitors, but with these recent upgrades, it appears they are up to the task.

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