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Milan Design Week showcases future of sustainable design

Milan Design Week showcases future of sustainable design

Sustainable Design Showcase

The annual Milan Design Week, originally a furniture exhibition, now also includes innovative forms of design including everything from fashion to product design. Notable contributions this year came from Hideki Yoshimoto and Marjan van Aubel, renowned for their forward-thinking designs. However, lesser-known designers also had their chance to shine, showcasing their unique creations.

Milan Design Week serves as a platform for designers to showcase their work to a wide variety of audiences. It is also a stage for professionals and enthusiasts to observe and appreciate the versatility and endless possibilities of design. The event challenges us to explore new parameters of design in our everyday lives, showcasing how it is a consistent and adaptable sector, always responding to our ever-evolving needs and circumstances.

Lexus, the automobile giant, started this year’s Superstudio at Via Tortona with an engaging display representing their futuristic vision for automobiles.

Sustainable solutions highlighted at Milan Design Week

Their displays this year centred around the theme of ‘Time’, presenting installations that represent the fluidity and dynamism of time. Particularly noteworthy was a meticulously crafted clock representing Lexus’s dedication to detailed craftsmanship and timeless design.

Japanese designer, Hideki Yoshimoto has also revealed an installation titled ‘Beyond the Horizon’, blending advanced technology and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The display takes viewers on an immersive journey and speculates how future vehicles might cater to customers’ needs while promoting carbon neutrality.

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Meanwhile, Dutch solar designer Marjan van Aubel curated an open-air installation titled ‘8 Minutes and 20 Seconds’. It embodies Lexus’s dedication to sustainability and carbon neutrality, presenting a solar-powered concept car while also creating a personalised sunrise experience for viewers.

In summary, Milan Design Week is a vital global platform showcasing the integration of art, design and technology, offering a sneak-peak into how design can shape our lives. It presents a range of exhibits from sustainable design to groundbreaking prototypes, demonstrating the inseparability of technology and design. The event inspires progress in design technology and its impact can be felt throughout the year, pushing boundaries in the intertwined worlds of design, art and technology.

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