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Berlin startup Smalt addresses green energy labor shortages

Berlin startup Smalt addresses green energy labor shortages

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The green energy revolution is giving rise to various Europe-based startups, focusing on addressing labor shortages in the green energy installation sector. One notable startup is Smalt, operating from Berlin as an educational and technological center in the green energy domain.

Smalt embarks on equipping its trainees with the essential skill set and knowledge, enabling them to comprehend and efficiently execute green energy solutions. Through a unique instructional methodology, the startup is confident about providing an optimal learning experience. As the interest in green energy solutions swells, Smalt has plans for scaling its operation across Europe.

The Berlin-based startup recently procured €4.1m investment

The Berlin-based startup recently procured €4.1m investment from La Famiglia, Owl Ventures, and Axel Springer, which allows Smalt to offer employment opportunities to immigrants in Germany, in a moment when skilled labor in green energy is in high demand. Apart from addressing unemployment among immigrants, Smalt also helps bridge the labor gap in the green sector.

Other startups such as Montamo, Greenworkx, and La Solive, also aim to solve the manpower issue in the green energy sector. They believe in the inevitable shift towards green energy and stress its importance in mitigating climate change and the current deficit in blue-collar workforce in Europe. These companies place greater emphasis on employee training programs and automated technologies.

La Solive stands out with its ‘coding bootcamps’ aimed at cultivating green talent. With a blend of theoretical and practical training, they nurture a workforce equipped to tackle environmental challenges. The program provides students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with partner companies.

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Need for strategic approaches to bring people into the green energy workforce

The need for strategic approaches to bring people into the green energy workforce is highlighted by industry leaders like Alexander Böhm of Montamo, Marius Westhoff of Smalt, Tess Unger from SolarPower Inc. and Axel Schrage of CleanEnergy. They all stress the need for joint efforts from all sectors to accelerate the green transition.

Richard Ng, co-founder of Greenworkx, advocates a shift in societal views about blue-collar jobs, describing them as vital contributors to achieving global environmental targets. He defends these roles as beneficial, offering good job security and playing a key part in carbon reduction efforts. His company, Greenworkx, exemplifies this ethos by fostering an eco-friendly working environment, advocating for a positive perception of blue-collar jobs in global sustainability.

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