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Macallan forms strategic partnership with Havas Red

Macallan forms strategic partnership with Havas Red

"Macallan Partnership"

Get ready to raise a glass, because Scotch whisky company, The Macallan, is announcing its global strategic partnership with Havas Red UK. The objective is simple, but grand: to increase The Macallan’s brand awareness and engagement across the globe, while emphasizing its exceptional single malt Scotch whisky offerings.

Count on Havas Red UK to take the reins in creating and implementing a powerful media strategy. This strategy is designed to connect The Macallan with whisky enthusiasts the world over. It will also enhance the brand’s image, fostering the values of authenticity, craftsmanship, and luxury.

This exciting partnership comes at a time when The Macallan is preparing to celebrate its 200-year anniversary. Ground-breaking plans and major campaigns are in the works to mark this historic milestone. As the anticipation builds, both within the company and within the wider whisky community, this momentous occasion is set to enhance the legacy of The Macallan even further.

Havas Red’s duties extend to a wide range of responsibilities. These include planning the strategic course for global and local PR initiatives, improving brand reputation, and developing core assets. They are also tasked with crafting and executing integrated communication plans.

Strategic partnership: Macallan and Havas Red

These will make use of both traditional and digital channels, while also handling crisis management communications.

Louise Mulholland, who holds the position of Senior Global Communications and Partnerships Manager at The Macallan, is thrilled to see this new collaboration come to light. Her vision is to create a unique earned media strategy, primed to elevate the brand’s global recognition.

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Similarly, Claire Davies, Head of Strategy at Havas Red, is poised to create a communications strategy that increases the visibility of this high-end brand. She is looking forward to developing new marketing techniques that highlight the brand’s quality and luxury, while also ensuring brand recognition globally.

The Macallan distillery, stationed in Speyside, Scotland since 1824, has long been celebrated for its extraordinary single malt Scotch whiskies, known for their rich flavours and complexity. Over time, it has built up an impressive reputation, drawing enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. With this new strategic partnership in place, The Macallan is clearly ready for the next exciting chapter in its illustrious history.

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