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Billy Strings’ tour redefines live concerts with innovative lighting

Billy Strings’ tour redefines live concerts with innovative lighting

Innovative Lighting

Billy Strings has embarked on a nationwide tour since February, kicking off in Asheville, North Carolina. The tour, enriched with a blend of music styles from bluegrass to rock, is turning heads with an immersive visual experience provided by the reputable Nashville-based stage lighting company, Bandit Lites.

The impressive light display and video content seen throughout the tour have been carefully designed by Montreal’s visual design firm, Lüz Studio, and lighting designer, Roger Gant. They promise a visually captivating show that pairs flawlessly with the energy of Strings’ Grammy-nominated album. The team’s attention to detail and the depth of visual storytelling ensures that each performance offers a unique experience for the audience.

Jake Tickle, Bandit Lites’ Vice President of Business and Innovation, applauds the synchronicity of their collaboration with Lüz Studio and Roger Gant.

Innovative lighting elevates Billy Strings’ tour

Together they’ve divided the stage into seven distinctive “blocks”, each managed by a specialist team of technology and lighting experts which expands the creative possibility during performances.

Roger Gant believes the success of this four-year collaboration with Billy Strings lies in meeting the unique needs of the tour. The technological setup caters to a dynamic repertoire of 270 songs, presents a varied tonal palette as per Billy’s preferences while preserving a sense of intense energy during the performances.

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A notable feature of the stage design is the large LED videowall that blends live camera feed with pre-set content, creating an infinite light effect. The platforms for each band member equipped with LED tape lighting also serve as individual light sources, while the dynamic LED lighting adapts to each song, reflecting the mood and rhythm.

With its summer comeback, the exciting Billy Strings’ tour aims to redefine live concerts, integrating innovative lighting designs with phenomenal music to deliver an impactful live music experience. The tour culminates at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles after covering a series of music festivals. It is set to be a spectacular fusion of sound and visual effects that will push the boundaries of live performances.

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