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Decades of expertise added to Page Center board

Decades of expertise added to Page Center board

"Expertise Decades"

With a combined experience of four decades, Margery Kraus and Patrick Parsons are the latest to join the advisory board of The Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication. The Center is thrilled about this grand stride, confident that their expertise will propel its mandate, promoting integrity in public communication.

Having founded APCO Worldwide in 1984, Margery Kraus transformed a minor Washington D.C. firm into a renowned global advisory and advocacy corporation. Under her leadership, APCO developed an international presence with over 800 employees across 30+ offices. She’s pioneered changes, including majority female ownership, and cultivated a wide array of services–from strategic communication to crisis management.

Kraus’s rewarding career has earned her multiple mentions on the PRWeek U.S. Power List and a lifetime achievement award among others. Apart from corporate success, she’s actively involved in charitable endeavors, further affirming her commitment to positive change and corporate social responsibility.

Integrating Decades of Expertise into Page Center

Patrick Parsons, an expert in emerging technology’s impact and an emeritus professor, is another notable appointment to the Center’s board. Parsons has a rich career since 1986, spanning journalism, telecommunications ethics, and several roles at Penn State. He has demonstrated a commitment to tempering growth and innovation with ethical integrity, aligning perfectly with the Center’s purpose.

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Denise Bortree, the director of the Page Center, has lauded both Parsons and Kraus for their extensive expertise. She firmly believes that their insights and leadership will remarkably boost the Center’s mission. Their commitment to ethical and honest public discussions will play a critical role in maneuvering the organization towards significant achievements in the field.

Indeed, the Page Center maintains a revered reputation for championing research in morality and integrity within public communication. The Center has fostered over 300 researchers, providing nearly $1 million worth of research funds. With the new members on board, it vows to continue its contribution to morality and integrity investigations within public communication.

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