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Exverus Media’s Surging Growth with Diverse Team

Exverus Media’s Surging Growth with Diverse Team

Surging Growth

Exverus Media, a media agency based in Los Angeles, has seen significant growth in less than a decade. Beginning as a two-person operation, it now proudly boasts a team of over 40 professionals. The agency is acclaimed for representing challenger brands with an ethos of “Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Authenticity”, which has been instrumental in their swift expansion.

The past year marked a 50% business expansion for Exverus, with major clients like New Belgium Brewing Co., Bell’s Brewery, and to their credit. The growth reflects the agency’s knack for understanding various markets, devising strategic marketing plans, and executing creative campaigns.

Customer satisfaction remains priority, and the agency’s association with renowned companies underpins a strong competitive position for securing new business. Team Exverus, comprising Hillary Kupferberg, Tasha Day, Bill Durrant, Talia Arnold, Jack Win, and Melissa Andraos, offers a unique blend of data and creativity, earning industry recognition.

Strategic hiring and focusing on key business metrics have been identified as major contributors to the agency’s success, as acknowledged by Doug Cornille, CGO of BellRing Brands. In 2023, Exverus reported an impressive revenue of $10.1 million, which was a 53% increase compared to the previous year.

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The company is also committed to diversity, with the workforce consisting of 36% people of color, 51% women, and 14% LGBTQ+. Exverus aims to promote diversity further by increasing representation. Furthermore, they are also targeting a 60% increase in revenue for 2024.

Co-founded by Bill Durrant, formerly of OMD and ZenithOptimedia, and partners Jack Win and Talia Arnold, Exverus Media emphasizes transparent relationships with brands and leverages technology partnerships for optimal media purchases. The company aligns with AI-focused partners like Keen to enhance campaign effectiveness.

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