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Facebook Power Users. A Look Inside The Facebook Addiction [Infographic]

Facebook Power Users. A Look Inside The Facebook Addiction [Infographic]

Facebook Power UsersFacebook “power users” are the most addicted social network users the site has to offer and they make up nearly 20-30% of the social networks user base. If you log into your account multiple times per day, leave messages on friends walls, post constant “Likes” and more you are probably a “power user.”

The team at DemandForce wanted to highlight some of a power users typical site uses and released an infographic to showcase that use.

According to the company a “power user” will “like” content up to 14 times per month and they will share at least nine status updates and contribute 21 comments during that same one month period.

Not only do Facebook power users share more content, they are invited to share more, according to the company 11% of those users are invited to join a Facebook group and 63% of those users have received friend requests in the last one month period.

The infographic also reveals how Facebook power users are broken down by the sexes with females posting more status updates by almost three times their male counterparts.

Being a power user on Facebook doesn’t just mean you sit in front of your computer all day either. A study by Pew Research found that Facebook power users are more likely to attend political rallies and political meetings.

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Here’s the Facebook power users infographic:

Facebook Power User

Do any of these Facebook power users stats surprise you?

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