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Fresh Naysaying on blogging: now their dangerous to children

Fresh Naysaying on blogging: now their dangerous to children

A blog started by a student at Lee High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has prompted school officials to warn parents about “problems associated with blogging.”

blogs may damage your health

Having lost the war on drugs, guns, teenage pregnancy and any number of other social ills affecting teenagers in the United States, Lee High School Principal Dave Britten discovered that the blog was becoming hurtful to other people.

“We heard that there was a Web site that kids were using to post information about other students and teachers that was wrong,” Britten said. “When we started inquiring about it, [the student] came to us and voluntarily took it down.”

Assistant Principal Steven Vowels, not wishing to miss out on the chance to naysay about blogging, joined in the blog-bashing action.

“The trouble is that kids are uploading some very personal information about themselves,” Vowels said.

“Someone can respond to them who may not even be a student, but have the intent to harm them.”

Despite recent deaths in the area from Heroin use, Britten decided that blogging was a much larger problem and talked to parents about blogging and used the school’s newsletter to advise them of the serious problem blogging presented.

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“I’m concerned with the safety of our kids,” Britten said. “I’ve had teachers in class talk about this to students and, hopefully, they have listened.”

It was unknown at the time of writing whether the school would next be targeting pencils as a source of lead poisoning or puppies as a source of fleas.

(ref: MLive)

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  • It’s granted that this may be too late, and it’s possible that it may be nit picking, but your headline should read…
    Fresh Naysaying on blogging: now THEY’RE dangerous to children

    Spell checkers will not, unfortunately, correct bad grammar. It’s up to the writer and/or editor to catch that.

    Wanna hire me? I have experience as a genuine newspaper editor.


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