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Google Allows More Link Love On AdSense

Google Allows More Link Love On AdSense

Adsense users rejoice! Google has now officially expanded the number of Ad Links allowed on any given page.

Previously the search engine giant limited users to only one Ad link format, compared to the three regular content ads allowed on any individual web page. Now it seems that Google has become more open minded by tripling the number available.

(Inside Adsense) The other noteworthy update: now you can place up to three link units on a page. As we’ve noted in the past, link units are a great way to provide relevant, user-friendly ads in hard-to-fit locations on your site. With the new opportunity to place three link units — and the plethora of link unit formats — we hope you’ll find great ways of incorporating this unique ad format on your site.

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For those of you still doubting, Google has updated their Adsense FAQ section as well. Since Ad Links generate more revenue than their counterparts (at least for me) this can only mean good news for bloggers.

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  • That’s excellent news Darnell. But – Could this be the reason why I’ve been getting a message I received back in 2006 ever since they’ve implemented this change? I’m getting a May 2006 message .. You have signed up for Electronic Funds Transfer payments but have not verified your account yet. Please verify your account.

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