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Google+ Introduces Hangouts With YouTube Live Video Viewing

Google+ Introduces Hangouts With YouTube Live Video Viewing

Google Hangouts

Google+ is now allowing users of their ten person Hangouts video chat program to watch live streaming videos together using popular video streaming service YouTube which is also owned by Google Inc.

Hangout users have been able to watch YouTube videos together since the option was rolled out, however YouTube Live product manager Brandon Badger speaking to GigaOM revealed that live video streaming while chatting in Hangouts is just now being turned on.

It should be noted that turning on the live video feed with Hangout chat is not a simple process at this time, in fact GigaOM found that it takes five steps to setup the service.

  • Start a Hangouts session in Google+ and invite your contacts to join you.
  • In a separate browser tab, head over and select a live stream of your choice
  • Copy the YouTube video I.D. of the selected live stream. Not sure how to find it? Just click on the share link below the video. You’ll get to see a link like – the cryptic code after the slash is the video I.D.
  • Switch back to hangouts, open the video tab and search for the I.D.
  • Click play, and you’re all set.

Eventually the Google+ interface and YouTube Live will integrate the steps above into an easy to complete process which will allow users on YouTube live and Hangouts to see who’s online via their Google accounts, then invite them to watch videos and interact in real time.

In the most basic terms, Google+ Hangouts and YouTube Live is attempting to allow users to interact while watching various live streaming events in the most simple manner possible.

With YouTube looking to stream more movies, premium content and perhaps even TV shows in the same manner as Hulu, the system could turn your American Idol, Super Bowl and other viewing parties into a more interactive experience with your friends from around the country.

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What features would you like to see Google+ and YouTube add to this new integration and how do you see it being used in cool and unique ways in the future?



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