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Google Me Vs. Facebook, A Social War Is About To Begin [Rumor]

Google Me Vs. Facebook, A Social War Is About To Begin [Rumor]

Google vs. Facebook LogosLately there has been a lot of talk about Facebook competition, basically how there is none. Sure Diasphora is attempting to build a Facebook rival, but let’s be honest, without a few hundred million dollars it’s going to be an uphill battle…Enter Google.

According to TechTree, Google is planning to make a major push in the social networking arena with a new system called Google Me which would compete in the same space as Facebook.

With Facebook Open Graph Search launching, giving Facebook the ability to semantically create searches, it wouldn’t surprise me if Google ditched Orkut in the U.S. for a possibly more popular option, while keeping the very active site alive in Brazil and India where it’s a popular alternative to Facebook.

While this new run into social networking hasn’t been confirmed by Google, the source is the typically reliable Digg founder Kevin Rose who tweeted:

Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch Facebook competitor very soon “Google Me”, very credible source.

Okay, so nothing else is really known about the site or it’s viability at this time, but the fact that rumors are floating around is a good thing, after all unlike Apple, Google is rarely able to keep things under their own roof.

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One thing is for certain, Google has the user base to launch a social networking site and quickly receiving millions of users, as The Next Web’s Brad McCarty points out:

“Orkut, and a Gmail account is required for Buzz, we can safely assume that we’re looking at roughly 200 million users to any service that would combine the two.”

What do you think, are you ready to try a new social networking service if it offers any real viable solutions to face off against Facebook?

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  • I am getting bored of Google everything and Facebook like buttons everywhere.

    Go unknown 3d party with the next big thing! I love you…

  • I can’t wait, I will totally use it as more people do, it might be hard to add more friends because there will be a few people out there who are anti-Google and pro-facebook. But belive me I will make the transition as soon as possible :D im excited

  • Funny you mentioned the Facebook Open Graph Search, when Google invented and created the first Open Social Graph over two years ago and an API.

    Before you believe that Facebook invented things like Social Graphs, Friend Connect (stolen directly from Google in 2o07) you might want to notice that it is Facebook copying Google that has led to their success.

    And Microsoft’s $260 mil so they could go it alone. Facebook was supposed to be integral to Google Friend Connect back in 2008 but Facebook dumped it citing privacy concerns and then launched their own version.

    So before you mention Facebook’s innovation you may want to notice that most of it was envisioned at Google years ago. Typical Steve Ballmer / Microsoft tactics.

  • I´m excited too for this new Google project. I´m user of Orkut and it´s a wonderful social website.

    If Google can make it the best of the best, let them come with what they plan \o/

  • Chris, I didn’t claim Facebook invented Google’s Social Graph. First, Google’s Social Graph didn’t work in the same way as Facebook Social Graph, Second, the integration standards are vastly different.

    Here’s another stupid statement. Google didn’t invent Buzz, Yahoo did with Yahoo Buzz….oh wait they aren’t the same.

    Nike also didn’t invent Air…although they do have the Nike Air line.

    Facebook did invent Facebook Social Graph Search…Google did not invent it, it does not use Google’s API, it’s an integration of integration website standards and user interaction based on Facebook’s own APIs. Period.

  • @James, I didn’t say you were claiming anything.

    What I said was “Google invented and created the first Open Social Graph over two years ago…”

    What is misleading is that it is made to sound like this is something FB invented. I would bet that 99.99% of the readers never heard of Google’s Social Graph. Again, I am saying FB is copying Google concepts. That is what is important, concepts, not actual coding or functionality.

    Funny that FB keeps naming their stuff around Google applications. Like the social graph and friend connect. That was my point. You don’t have to look far to find hundreds of blog posts saying Google Friend Connect is a copy of Facebook Friend Connect.

    So my point here is, and I think you misunderstood my comment above, is that you may want to give credit for Google coming up with many CONCEPTS that Facebook has copied.

    If you are going to give credit to Facebook for their social graph you may want to mention the huge advantage that Google has since their social graph is based on their Google search spiders and been in public development for over 2 years.

    When some one less in the know than you and I reads the article above it can seem that FB is the leader on these fronts when it was really Google.

    Again you have taken my words out of context, I never said in my comment “Facebook invented Google’s Social Graph” if you look back on it. I said Google invented the concept, just as MyBlogLog invented the concept of the GFC and FB gadgets that we know see on many blogs.

  • @Steve Tong – I am seeing many credible sources quote Kevin Rose’s Tweet, among them today are Cnet.

    Also Adam D’Angelo, Quora Founder and Developer, ex Former Facebook CTO said in a recent Quora post;

    Here is what I’ve pieced together from some reliable sources:

    * This is not a rumor. This is a real project. There are a large number of people working on it. I am completely confident about this.

    * They realized that Buzz wasn’t enough and that they need to build out a full, first-class social network. They are modeling it off of Facebook.

    * Unlike previous attempts (before Buzz at least), this is a high-priority project within Google.

    * They had assumed that Facebook’s growth would slow as it grew, and that Facebook wouldn’t be able to have too much leverage over them, but then it just didn’t stop, and now they are really scared.

    [End quote]

    Another advantage Google has in the social arena is the huge proliferation of Android phones. Google currently says that 160,000 Android phones are being activated world wide per day. It is now a Android or iPhone world from where I stand.

    I have been saying for two years now that Google needs an central application that brings all the pieces of the Google social pie into one FB style wall type interface.

    When you take 160 million blogs with GFC on them, Google Reader as the now dominant RSS feed reader, 3 million US college students using Google Apps this fall for their college email and document application provider with Google Wave now there too and Google Buzz as a discussion platform, Orkut and Gmail with 200 million users and glue them all together with a single wall type Google Me site, you might just have something viable.

    But with the mis-marketing of Google Wave as a social app when it is not and the negativity surrounding the Buzz launch, Google had better not frak this one up. They really can’t take another PR nightmare for a third time in a row.

    In the end Google has all the money in the world having made $2 billion in profits each of the last two quarters. They have more massive server resources too that Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook together cannot even come close too. Not to mention 80% of all searches performed on the Internet when you include YouTube, the #2 search engine in the world. Advantage Google.

  • Chris, I’m sorry to jump in but you are wrong.

    If you are going to give credit to Facebook for their social graph you may want to mention the huge advantage that Google has since their social graph is based on their Google search spiders and been in public development for over 2 years

    Google’s initial concept of their Open Graph was based on your Gmail account becoming an ‘every account’ bucket and then later they allowed you to add even more websites. To be honest you don’t need Google’s search for that, most sites offer APIs and/or syndication already.

  • Franky, Google social graph is definitely based on Google search spiders, you just have to look a little deeper than what is on the surface. You tell Google what sites you own and what profiles you own on your Google profile.

    It is Google search spiders that do the rest. How else could they find and update my social friends in Google search in real (or darn near it) time?

    It is Google’s search index and now with Google’s Caffeine file system / almost instant indexing, the speed at which they can deliver results. Do you really think Franky, that Google depends on other sites APIs? Just post a new blog post, after Google is pinged, GoogleBot visits your site. You will see it in your log files.

    How else would an index of my friends actions, site updates and social site posts be updated? How else would they appear in Google search or in the new social search features?

    The answer is simple, they would be indexed by Google’s search spider, GoogleBot. Hence due to this massive database of the entire Internet, Google would have an advantage to return posts of your friends actions. Unlike Facebook which does NOT have the server resources or the abilities to spider and discover content. FB is dependent on us adding content. Two very different things and again, advantage Google.

  • @Susan – You are spot on. In fact Google is so serious they dumped Google Wave to divert their best programmers to Google Me. Drastic, but serious.

    Also checkout my post about how it does not matter if Wave is gone or Buzz succeeds.

    Because my social network there is based on my Gmail contacts.

    Don’t want to seem to spam you James, but this is one of my best posts on the subject.

  • Google has come a long way and I give them Kudos for always wanting to step up their game. The many QUALITY free services available using google in one form or the other will always make me love them more than any other…. not just free but quality free! I know it’s all business strategy but it’s good business strategy and with google me coming up, I can only wish them speedy success!

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