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Granta Veterinary Specialists debut upgraded website

Granta Veterinary Specialists debut upgraded website

Upgraded Website

Sable&Hawkes have teamed up with Pick Digital to upgrade the Granta Veterinary Specialists’ (GVS) web presence. The new website not only brings a new look but is also a testament to GVS’s dedication to ethical and compassionate pet care.

As an independent veterinary specialist based in Linton, GVS is well-known for their insistence on ethical treatment for pets. The new website mirrors this sentiment, with a design that beautifully combines professionalism and compassion. And all of this is backed by GVS’s unmatched veterinary services.

The designers at Sable&Hawkes sought to create more than just a website. The aim was to build a brand narrative that features breathtaking images and compelling typography, creating a unique story of GVS’s commitment to veterinary excellence.

The new website caters to two distinct groups: referring vets and pet owners. A streamlined layout ensures easy access for vets referring patients, while pet owners are provided with a rich library of pet health resources.

Enhanced web presence for Granta Veterinary Specialists

New features include easy-to-schedule appointments and unified pet health records.

For pet owners preparing for a visit to GVS, the new site provides clear details about what to expect – both before and after consultations. The aim is to keep pet owners informed and to ease any concerns they may have about their pets’ care. The emphasis extends to post-consultation care as well, underlining the brand’s comprehensive approach towards pet health.

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Entered into development some 12 weeks ago, the unveiling of the new website marks the conclusion of a successful collaboration between Pick Digital and Sable&Hawkes. The result is an intuitive site, designed to represent the high standards of the GVS brand.

The website will maintain its fresh look with continuous updates planned post-launch. Further plans for the website include integrated lead generation and innovative marketing strategies to boost GVS’s online presence and profitability.

The venture underlines Sable&Hawkes’ prowess in delivering excellent design and impactful content through creativity, strategy, and results. Their success in supporting firms like GVS in differentiating themselves in the business world sets them apart.

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