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How Social Media Killed The Postcard [Infographic]

How Social Media Killed The Postcard [Infographic]

Postcard and social mediaRemember when you used to take a trip to Hawaii and you would purchase a postcard to send home? Those days are long gone and social media is to blame.

The team at Skyscanner recently conducted a Social Media Use Poll in the UK and they discovered that most travelers have turned to social media in place of paper-based postcards.

The study found that only 6 percent of travels send postcards while 26 percent like to use Facebook to share their experiences. Two percent of users like to use Twitter for their vacation sharing needs. 14 percent of travelers also admitted that they would not attempt to contact anyone while taking their vacation, ruling out social media and paper-based postcards all together.

The study involved 1,200 travelers who took vacations to various locations.

As we move towards an ever increasing number connected social media users we will likely see less dependency on paper travel documents as a whole and more emphasis on digital products. 

Would you prefer to send a postcard or simply post your daily vacation photos? What social network do you like to use while on vacation?

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Here is the full Skyscanner study results as an infographic:

When was the last time you sent a postcard while you were on vacation? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, 28 percent of travelers now use social media to tell friends about their trip, while only 6 percent are sending postcards. Out of the travelers who prefer social media, 26 percent said that Facebook was the best platform for this purpose and 2 percent said Twitter. See more statistics in this infographic that visualizes the social media habits of 1,200 travelers who responded to Skyscanner’s Social Media Use Poll, conducted in the UK.

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  • No doubt that social media has taken over many mediums of communications and this trend will continue to grow, social media is successful for innovations they have introduced , skyscanner is legend and really the best place for travellers.

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