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How to Write a Two Weeks Notice

How to Write a Two Weeks Notice

how to give a two weeks notice

Having a job means that likewise at some point you will likely leave that job. In some cases that may be out of your control. However, for cases that are under your command, there will likely be a bit of space and maneuverability. In a typical job, this takes the form of giving two weeks notice. But how do you write a two weeks notice?

The two weeks notice is a hallmark of emotions. In many cases putting in this notice is the formal way of saying that you are leaving and is that initial icebreaker into such territory. In many cases, this can be broken in person when the two weeks is being personally delivered. But in other cases, it can come over email, or simply be left in your supervising boss’s mailbox or desk if meeting in person is not an option.

For sake of simplicity, we will break it down into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. For each part, we will cover the basic aspects of a thorough two weeks notice. Here are some easy thumb rules to keep in mind when asking yourself how to write a two weeks notice.

Keep It Short

Do not add excessive amounts of verbiage to your documentation. Keep it respectable and concise. After making the decision to leave, very little beyond the base reason and matter at hand will alter your employer’s feelings on the matter.

Do Not Avoid the Point

This needs to be to the point. You need to be clear and concise but do not waste sentences being “flowery”. Choose sharp, poignant words and allow them to take the brunt of the work for taking the edge off. Language is key, do not waste sentences muddling your point.

Be Professional

Another major part of how to write a two weeks notice is being respectful, respectable, and sophisticated. They are all key to getting your point across in the proper manner. With an act like a resignation, grace is a key component. This extends beyond words and points to the manner and nature in which you conduct the narrative and conversation. Do not try to be overly emotional, understand the point at hand, and be tactful and respectful but not emotional to any point beyond the appropriate investment.



Company Name

Name of Person You Are Writing the Letter For

Make it clear that you are resigning. Write that you are planning to resign from your post in two weeks’ time. You should give the date of your final day with the company.

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This is where you can get the most personable. It is common to thank your supervisor for the experiences gained and memories made. Additionally, this is where it would be appropriate to ask how you can make the transition easier for them and the team.

This is the heavy part of the letter. You should be kind and express any gratitude, but try not to hang around longer than you should.

Remind your boss that you intend to continue performing at your best, up until your last day. Again, try to keep the conversation proactive.


Keep it short. Not sweet. Respectfully. One line. Punchy. Classy. Sincerely…

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