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Is A Textpattern iPhone App In The Works?

Is A Textpattern iPhone App In The Works?

After being envious of their WordPress friends, it looks like we might be witnessing the making of a Textpattern iPhone app in the (hopefully) near future.

I’ve got to commission an iOS developer in late 2010, early 2011 to make an app for a client’s website. Since they will be tapping into the site’s txp database anyway I wonder if I could get them to also adapt the current WordPress app for use on TXP as an extra project – depends on how much work was actually needed to do that. Also, as mentioned, the image uploading would have to be enabled by the txp devs or it is probably not worth doing. (Phil Wareham)

The biggest hurdle to the creation of a Textpattern app seems to be the lack of a way to seamlessly upload media files (images, video, etc.) to a Textpattern blog via XML-RPC (at least according to many geeks in the Textpattern community).

Thus far the core developers have yet to respond to any inquiries from the Textpattern community about including the “metaWeblog.newMediaObject” within Textpattern which would make creating an iPhone app much easier.

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While developers could always outsource the media uploading option to third party services (like Flickr, YouTube or Picasa Albums) the community seems intent on providing a server uploading option instead.

Hopefully the community is able to produce a solid iPhone app soon, as they are one of the few major platforms lacking a presence upon the iDevice.

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  • Well, the picture shows the TXPmobile HTML backoffice (admin UI) which IMHO is the way to go.

    Re. media: Uploading via FTP, WebDAV is not very comfortable for the user but is also more portable than an iOS app.

    As always just my two cents…

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