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Obama And Romney: Social Media Battle For The Presidency [Infographic]

Obama And Romney: Social Media Battle For The Presidency [Infographic]

Obama TweetsIn 2008 President Barack Obama used social media to help spread his grassroots campaign while raising hundreds of millions in donations. Now as the 2012 Presidential election heats up Obama is not alone in his use of social networking and in many cases Mitt Romney has actually taken the lead.

The team at PeekAnalytics has created an infographic that highlights the comparisons between Obama and Romney’s social networking numbers.

Romney leads Obama with 92% of American’s leaving positive messages about Romney compared to 90% for Obama, while women leave more favorable tweets for the President (43%) to Romney (32%).

The study also found that Pro-Romney supporters tend to be younger and have more money than pro-Obama supports. 

Obama’s online users also tend to have Ivy League education which is lacking among a majority of Romney supporters.

Researchers also found that Obama has many more hashtag’s in his favor while receive double the number of ‘unique tweeters‘ each day compared to Mitt Romney.

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Here’s the PeekAnalytics study of the 2012 Election face-off between President Obama and Mitt Romney:

Obama Vs Romney Infographic

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