Plexpod Westport Closes Early Amid Pandemic, New Plans Unveiled

Pandemic Early Closure

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has enforced the closure of Plexpod Westport Commons, a popular coworking space, earlier than its initially anticipated shutdown date in 2024. This unexpected announcement has stirred reactions from the entrepreneurial community and has left current tenants in need of new working spaces.

The management of Plexpod is active in aiding affected members with the transition, hoping the change will be short-lived and operations may restart with a change in pandemic conditions. Gerald Smith, Plexpod’s founder, acknowledges the virus’s impact on the necessity for physical office spaces, and the shift towards remote working.

Despite the inevitable grim circumstances, Smith retains a positive outlook, stressing the need for businesses to adapt and explore innovative utilizations for office spaces post-pandemic, and predicts a community-focused, flexible approach to office space usage.

Plexpod Westport plans to proceed under new management with a change in branding, and it has been announced that all existing sub-lease agreements will be transferred to HP Development Partners, a significant role-player in the ongoing $250 million development project at Park 39.

Andrew Brain from Brain Group, having failed in his negotiations to renew the lease agreement with Plexpod, will be guiding the Park 39 project. The Brain Group now holds ownership of the property and will be managing The Offices at Park 39 under S&B Ventures.

In keeping with the amenities previously offered at Plexpod Westport Commons, The Offices at Park 39 plan on increases in elements such as meeting rooms, technology, and hospitality offerings, in addition to improving the landscaping. They also envision a return to a staffed front desk.

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Smith identifies unique challenges faced by the Westport location, particularly the creation of large spaces for sizable corporations, which was unfeasible during the pandemic, resulting in the office’s struggle to rebound post-pandemic.

The Brain Group perceives this change and has outlined a plan to market both large and small spaces, collaborating closely with traditional brokers and direct clients. Smith emphasizes Plexpod’s objective now lies in assisting businesses to maintain their current location and facilitating those seeking to relocate, and ensure a smooth transition for all clients.

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