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5 Ways to Streamline Your Freelance Business with Harlow

5 Ways to Streamline Your Freelance Business with Harlow

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Freelancing is a great way to jump on the work-from-home trend while at the same time making decent money. However, it can be daunting to manage your freelance business independently. Additionally, the more work you find and finish, the more money you earn, so it’s important to keep your processes as organized and efficient as possible. Usually sending proposals, managing projects, and issuing invoices mean having to use various platforms for each task. This can be time-consuming and a major productivity killer.

That’s where Harlow comes in – a platform that provides you with the tools and resources you need to streamline and automate your freelance business. 

With this platform, you can delete your numerous opened tabs in your browser window, since it brings together each part of your freelance business onto a single, sleek dashboard. Here we’ll discuss the benefits of Harlow’s platform and how it benefits all aspects of your freelancing business.

What is Harlow?

Harlow helps alleviate a lot of the admin work and stress that comes with managing a freelance business, so you can focus on what matters – the client work. This all-in-one freelance platform streamlines everything from sending proposals and getting those contracts signed, down to getting paid. It helps freelancers organize clients and tasks and keep track of your time. Plus, it helps ensure timely payments and keeps billing and communication all in one place. 

Aside from making your workflow much more efficient and productive, the platform can give you back time previously lost to tedious tasks. This allows more time for more projects or time spent for relaxation – a benefit to your overall work-life balance.

Here’s How Harlow Helps Freelancers Stay on Top of Their Business

  • Generate and Send Professional Proposals

Businesses looking to lock in new clients need to take the necessary steps to generate quality, professional proposals. Harlow has pre-designed templates to help you look professional and on-brand, and hopefully stand out from your competitors. Plus, you’re able to tailor each client proposal, conveying your effort and commitment to getting the project done well.

  • Execute Contracts with E-Signatures

Through Harlow’s streamlined platform, it’s possible to send your clients tailored contracts including e-signatures. Utilizing electronically signed contracts is a big advantage for businesses. Not only does it save time and the hassle of paper, but it also offers enhanced security and convenience. Plus, by doing this, you’ll eliminate any potential disputes arising from missed or forgotten signatures on paperwork. 

  • Flexible Invoicing Ensures Timely Payments

Harlow’s platform gives you a full view of your freelance finances all in one place. You can send invoices, receive payments, and even automate late invoice follow-up. You’ll know exactly how much money you’ve earned, how much each client owes you, and when each invoice has been paid. 

The option to set up automatic invoices also exists for freelancers – taking the manual effort out, and making sure that all invoices send on time. More money in your pocket, faster. 

  • Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Your Business

Harlow integrates with Google Workspace to give you a 360-degree view of everything associated with your client. If you’re someone who likes to have a complete picture of everything that’s going on with your freelance business, even while in the weeds of one or two projects, then Harlow is perfect for you. You can access information related to your clients such as related meetings, upcoming invoices, and important tasks in a single place to make planning and execution smoother.

  • Keep Track of Hours Worked

Time is money, especially for freelancers. Keeping track of your hours worked is a key part of managing your business. So, when you have a system in place, it becomes much easier to figure out your capacity and how much time you’re spending on specific tasks or projects. 

This system provides a simple and easy-to-use interface that tracks hours spent working for each client and can even pull time associated with tasks and projects into an invoice for you to easily bill based on hours worked. 

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  • Manage Tasks and Projects from a Single Dashboard

Two open tabs too often turn into five, then ten. Before you know it, you can’t find any information you need at hand. The tasks and project section in Harlow provides easy access to your entire to-do list. 

What’s more, the dashboard allows you to create subtasks and assign priority to each, ensuring each project is allocated the time and attention it deserves. Getting more organized will allow you to hit those deadlines and become a better freelance partner to your client. 

Who Can Benefit from Harlow?

Growing your own freelance business can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Thankfully, processes can be streamlined and made more efficient than ever. With a dashboard designed to provide freelancers of all industries and project loads with the tools they need, this platform looks to minimize the everyday frustrations that freelancers face. The platform offers a range of benefits and tools. These make it easier for freelancers to work from anywhere in the world, a dream for many freelancers. 

Productivity Starts with Organization

For freelancers looking to save time and organize their business, Harlow’s all-in-one freelance platform offers a place to do so. Its features make it an ideal platform for entrepreneurs focusing on providing a variety of services to their clients. Whether you’re a freelance writer or an HR consultant, you can organize and manage your business using Harlow. 

Better organization and streamlined workflows allow more space to create and work hard for your clients. 

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