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The Rise Of Tumblr (And Why Typepad Should Be Scared)

The Rise Of Tumblr (And Why Typepad Should Be Scared)

Sometimes viewed as the half-breed of blogging platforms, Tumblr is probably considered by most blogging experts as a cross between micro blogging and a full featured service (like Blogger, WordPress, etc.).

Despite the odd spelling and a semi decent commenting feature, Tumblr has somehow surpassed Typepad globally (at least according to Quantcast and Google Trends, the latter pictured to the right), which may explain why Typepad launched their own micro blogging service last year.

Tumblr still trails Typepad in the US according to , although it may only be a matter of time before Tumblr displaces Typepad as the preferred blogging platform in America as well.

Why is Typepad losing to Tumblr?

The easiest answer as to why Typepad is losing ground to Tumblr could be explained as “simple economics.”

Typepad’s pricing plans start at $9 USD a month, compared to Tumblr’s freemium model (where the site only charges for premium themes).

Typepad could also be losing users (and traffic) on the mobile front, especially in the realm of smart phones.

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Although Typepad was one of the first blogging platforms to embrace the iPhone and Blackberry devices, their respective apps pale in comparison to Tumblr’s iPhone and Blackberry Apps, both which support video blogging.

Should Typepad be worried?

If Six Apart (who owns Typepad) is concerned more about revenue than popularity, then the short answer for now is no.

However unless Typepad desires to exist in the shadows of main stream blogging platforms, they need to find a way to thwart Tumblr’s rise and make themselves relevant again (and no, copying Tumblr does not count).

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  • Tumblr got quite a few investors that probably wants money and the only income is a % of themes. Really? Themes?
    A ton of users and no decent monetization plan in sight. Its the stupid launch stuff now have no idea on how to make money of it, perhaps later.
    Why not just copy what does.

  • Yea, well this sort of thing happens every day. Dumb takeovers, like how Google just bought that ad company because Apple wanted it!

  • I think SA is pretty safe with how many companies are ‘tied’ down to them. It’s the same Automattic does. They do much work behind the scenes and provide knowledge to intranets.

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